Collection: BALARDO - adjustable aluminium channel system

Discover BALARDO, the German-engineered marvel manufactured by GLASSLINE GmbH and distributed with precision in the UK by Balustrade Components UK Ltd. These standard U-profiles are your key to impeccable glass installations, offering exceptional versatility and performance.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Glass Compatibility: BALARDO U-profiles are designed to accommodate toughened laminated glass with thickness options of 17.52mm and 21.52mm. This flexibility ensures that your project can meet various design and safety requirements.

  • Robust Loading Capacity: Trust in the strength of BALARDO. Achieve loading capacities of 0.74kN and an impressive 1.5kN, providing a safe and secure environment for your glass installations.

  • Precise Alignment: Enjoy the benefits of extensive adjustment options within the channel, ensuring your glass is perfectly aligned with precision. No need for a handrail – BALARDO delivers a sleek and unobstructed view.

  • Durable Anodised Finish: Our high-quality anodised finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers superior corrosion resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting performance in various environments.

  • Availability: BALARDO U-profiles are in stock and ready for swift delivery, thanks to our short lead times. Need glass as well? Explore our convenient glass packages to streamline your project.

BALARDO is your gateway to flawless glass installations that are as visually appealing as they are reliable. Experience the German engineering prowess by choosing BALARDO today. Trust in Balustrade Components UK Ltd's commitment to delivering excellence to your doorstep. Your glass projects deserve nothing but the best.