7 Ideas to Transform Your Home with Glass

modern glass conservatory

Glass adds a whole new dimension to your home. In this blog, we discuss how you can use glass to transform your home, from exterior balconies to internal glass panels, fish tanks and more.

Glass is naturally a space enhancing, reflective material. No wonder we love it! It can make any room feel bigger and adds more than a hint of sumptuousness and luxury to a home- and the office too, for that matter.

Take a look at these seven splendid ideas for adding glass to your home…


1.   An aquarium

Glass tanks are no longer ‘boring’ in design. From delicious glass orbs to vast tanks, an aquarium is great for adding to your home.

And it isn’t just the glass but the fish and the gentle ripple of water. Many aquariums also come with a light, which of an evening can cast a subtle warm glow in a room too.

Always make sure you don’t overcrowd the fish tank, buying the right number of fish for the size of the tank.

As well as off-the-shelf tanks, you can also commission bespoke sized aquarium tanks not just for fish, but for lizards and other reptiles.


2.   Indoor garden

Glass can be used to create any number of finishes in the home but one that we came across recently was an indoor ‘greenhouse’ addition, used in the under the stairs space.

Some more exotic or tropical plants require a little more heat to survive and thrive. The space under the stairs can be the perfect space for creating an interesting space. The glass allows you to be able to admire your plants.


3.   A glass-roofed extension

We love glass as a stylish material, but we still think that it is underused when it comes to the structure of the home.

Letting light flood in, a glass roof is ideal for an extension. But if you are worried about energy efficiency you needn’t be, as modern glass is tempered and coated it now offers the epitome of trapping as much of the sun’s energy in a room as possible.

And because it is tough and super-strong, it doesn’t break easily.


4.   Frameless glass balustrades

Sticking with exterior applications for the time being, extensions in the garden or on the exterior of your home is a great way of connecting the indoors with the outdoors. But if you have a drop, you need a sturdy balustrade as a safety barrier.

But when you don’t want clunkiness but a modern, streamlined appeal instead, opt for frameless glass balustrades. Strong and ‘magically’ cantilevered against your property, it has an appeal all of its own and is a stunning look for the Juliet balcony too.

A frameless glass balustrade system is not just four outside either, for it works just as well on the landing too.


5.   Glass box extension

Back to the extensions again for the moment. No list could possibly be complete without mentioning the latest on-trend addition of a glass box extension. You could call it a conservatory, but that would give the wrong impression.

It is something more than that. It is an eco-friendly addition to a home that can be used as a relaxing space to connect with the garden, as a dining room or a party pas.


6.   Glass floor ‘lights’

Just like the glass walkway thrilling tourist as they walk across Tower Bridge to the glass viewing platforms in other tourist attractions, this use of glass is reaching the home too.

Great for letting the light into the room below, their inclusion doesn’t mean you can’t use the flat roof above either. And for many homes, the flat roof on an extension is the balcony from which they admire the view.


7.   Curtain walling

Imagine a whole expanse of wall made from glass.

With modern manufacturing techniques, the strength of this normally fragile material has been magnified and improved. And that means one thing. A vast expanse of a window wall (known as a curtain wall) is now entirely possible, without compromising on safety.

In fact, this is something we are seeing more and more of not just in houses but in high-rise flats and offices too. The glass panes may be substantial, but they are relatively lightweight compared to other building materials. Easy to handle, once in place it forms a tight bond with the seals and the outline structure of the building.

With the right support in place, a curtain wall is a staggering addition to a property. But then again, we think glass in any shape or form is a fantastic addition to any home.



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