Top 5 Trendiest Restaurant Design Features

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It takes less than a minute to snap a picture and leave a bad online review these days. As a result, restaurants change their interiors to keep up with the ever-changing interior design styles. What top five design features are sure to please diners and restaurant-owners alike?


How to Make Your Restaurant Trendy

Like interior design for the home, there are trends coming our way in 2018 for the restaurant interior. For many food outlets and eateries, a modern, sleek and trendy interior design is part of their branding. So, what can we expect to come our way this year?


Design feature: Colour

For any business, colour is key to appealing to their clientele and for the restaurant, this is no different.

Restaurants across the price range are finding that the marketplace is increasingly crowded and competitive, and sticking to brand colours inside your restaurant may not be the way forward anymore.

Top New York restaurants are taking a huge break from the sharp, clean aesthetic of white walls, a common interior design theme for the last few years. The colours coming through are reminiscent of the 60s with pink and red colour schemes, as well as turquoise and black, forest green and muted golds to name just three colour schemes coming to a restaurant near you!


Design style: OUT goes the industrial look

For some time, the must-have design appeal has laid in the bare light bulbs, reclaimed wood and exposed brick of the industrial look.

But no more. Perhaps with the age of austerity still upon us and biting even harder, we want a little more sumptuousness when we dine out – after all, with a tight budget it may be a luxury that is hard to come by.

And so, as well as softening the industrial landscaped restaurant with sumptuous cushions and other soft furnishings, the use of colour also adds to the feeling of luxury.


Design feature: Plants

This is a theme that is increasingly popular in the home and it seems that it is making an impact on the restaurant interior too. Adding greenery with plants is a great way of adding colour to a room but for the restaurant, it is also a way of adding warmth with a clear connection to nature.

As well as plant or ‘green’ walls, plenty of live plants about the restaurant is a great way of ringing the changes. Ditch the plastic contrived plants in small pots from tables too and add clusters of similar plants in colourful pots on tables, window sills, reception and across the expanse of the restaurant.


Design style: Formal and informal spaces

stylish bar with warm lighting

Formal dining tends to be associated with fine dining, but it seems that the modern diner is looking for a mix of the formal dining setting, within a casual, informal setting.

This is just as much to do with the menu as it is with the restaurant dining room and ambience. Perhaps it is the political turmoil that we find ourselves in that leads to today’s diner looking for comforting familiarity in the menu on offer but with a touch of luxury and formality around them.

And so, scampi and fries, with mushy peas mixed with the formal dining space but without being overly pretentious. Key features would include an informal, walk-in bar with two distinct eating spaces, the communal dining experiences separated from the more intimate dining set up by a feature such as frameless glass balustrades.

Many restaurants are using this trend to good effect, moving casual, daytime dining into the evening services. The menu stays essentially the same, just with a few tweaks here and there.


Design feature: Panelling

If darkly painted walls won’t suit your restaurant and you are not quite ready to ditch the clean lines of the industrial look, there is a small change that you can make that will make a difference; wood panelling.

Relatively inexpensive, the use of wood and stone will dominate over sculpted metals and ceramics and used as subtle accents in restaurants interiors over the coming year.

Choose the best you can for your budget, using lighting to soften the impact and pull out the tones and patina of the wood.

You don’t have to stick with wood tones either. Crisp white-painted wood panelling is a surprise in many high-end restaurants until you see that they are off-set with luxurious splashes of rich colours, including under-used peach, majestic jade and understated ivory. Creating a high-end, bright and relaxed atmosphere, wood panelling is a must for the coming year.


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