Top 36 Interior Design Posts of 2017

Great interior design is hot on everyone’s’ list! Who wouldn’t want to get round to decorating and furnishing their home to make it a stress-free zone which is the envy of everybody who comes to visit! Sometimes, we don’t find the time to get that project started or maybe we lack inspiration on how to get the most bang for our buck. We have compiled a brilliant list of the Top 35 Interior Design Posts of 2017 to get your imagination and ideas working, to make your house look brilliant this year.


Eye-Swoon writer, Natalie Goel, shows you how to get a beautifully furnished Scandi-Styled home. With its clean white lines and wooden features, it goes to show why Scandinavian design has been a sought after look for a number of years. This design aesthetic can never get dated as soft, neutral colours are always on trend. The great thing is you are able to change up the colour scheme so easily with the use of fashionable cushions and throws to compliment the white wash.

Scandinavian SimplicityLark & Linen

Jacquelyn Clark, from Lark & Linen, shows you how to get the perfect balance with your lighting. It can be a very overwhelming process choosing the lighting source for different rooms – Your living room should be cosy and warm but should still offer enough light to carry out any kind of task. Your bedroom should make the most of natural light, to ensure a great morning after a restful nights sleep. Learn the ways of how to mix and match beautiful light fittings without breaking the bank.


Wit and Delight

The Industrial trend was big in 2017 with the introduction of beautiful metal fittings and furnishings, from stainless steel to brushed copper. Drawing from elements of studio spaces, Kate Arends, explains how she was able to create a perfect workspace for her business. A great way to draw inspiration from this design trend would be from the use of on either a staircase or a lovely balcony design.


Apartment 34

Take a look at Apartment 34’s take on how to use Rattan furnishings in your home. They explain how great it can look when used in the dining room when paired with a classic wooden table. Rattan is not only affordable but it also looks very chic and stylish, giving that summer vibe all year round.

silver pendant lamp on white painted ceiling

SF Girl By Bay

best of: color palette: green + pink.

Choosing a colour palette is a big deal when creating your dream home! Why not draw inspiration from a tropical scene and let SF Girl show you how to pair greens and pinks together to create a fun and unique look! A beautiful shade of green was picked as Pantones colour of the year in 2017, so we suspect it will be big in home decorating for this year.

pink and white abstract painting



Speaking of exciting colour schemes, the most easy and effective way of adding colour into your home is by changing the wallpaper. DesignSponge showcases her top choices of patterned paper for 2017 and shows you how to make a feature of that plain and boring wall!



The use of plants in houses is not only aesthetic. Plants release vast amounts of oxygen which will leave your room feeling fresh and airy. Jungalow explains how important picking the correct plants for homes is and shows you how to create a DIY plant feature that will not only look beautiful but will come along with other great health benefits.

area artwork ceramic


A Beautiful Mess

Why not introduce plants into your house in a fun and interesting way. A Beautiful Mess will show you how to create amazing DIY hanging planters that look chic and modern and also add a stand out design feature to any room. As the planters hang from hoops, make sure that you choose a metal that matches or compliments your existing fittings such as your Balustrade Components



Yellow Trace

Take inspiration from museum and gallery installation designs to create a perfect feature for your home. We’re not talking too out of the ordinary – but something subtle and unique will be sure to give your house an artistic flair. Yellow Trace shows you their top installations from 2017 and will inspire you to draw style from these amazing pieces.

blank canvas with artwork



Bri Emery, from DesignLoveFest, explains how much she loves a cosy weekend at home in this post – and we couldn’t agree more! Make your bedroom ultra soft and luxurious with her choices of beddings, duvets and comforters to make your night times even more peaceful and serene.


Grillo Designs

If you think you’re a dab hand in the kitchen, or if you know someone who is, why not try making this ingenious indoor herb planter. Over at Grillo Designs, you will see lots of interesting and informative DIYs to make that job you were meaning to get round to doing, a little bit easier.

Assorted Clear Glass Bottles on Wine Shelf



Girl About House

Rose gold has been one of the biggest trends for the past few years and we are seeing this beautiful colour popping up everywhere. Girl About House shows you how you can mix in a little rose gold and copper to compliment your already chrome features and fittings.


The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Rohini Wahi, of The Beat That My Heart Skipped, is a trend forecaster for design industries and writes an interior design blog showing all the latest and greatest. Add some interest and beauty to your house with faux flowers that will never wilt!


Dear Designer

Stay up to date with the latest trends of 2018 and let Dear Designer blog show you the best sofa and chair trends that will look great this year! Pastel velvets seem to be very big already!


The Design Sheppard

If you don’t want to commit to painting a feature wall, The Design Sheppard will show you how to make a statement by painting your skirting boards so they add a pop of colour to your room! This trend can look seriously modern! Why not paint your Balustrade Components too, to add extra pizzazz to your room.

apply blue brush carpentry




Antonia Ludden, from #TidyLife, shows you how to modernise your kitchen and bathroom with the use of different tile styles. Choose from quirky hexagonal tiles, to rustic terracotta to add elements of bringing the outside inside.




Interior Design isn’t just limited to inside your house! Why not add a bit of colour to your garden with the help of OldBrandNew, as they show you how to pick a great colour for your shed.

Colourful beach huts


Coco Lapine Design

5 Smart bedroom storage examples

Belgian designer, Sarah, knows that keeping a bedroom tidy is essential for a relaxing night. There are a few ways to conceal clutter in a smart and attractive way. Coco Lapine Design shows you how.



Apartment Therapy

Add a touch of elegance and style to your stark white bathroom with the help of shaggy bath mats, curtains and lovely large plants. You will definitely want to spend more time in the bathroom!

marble bathroom



Sophie Robinson

Colour Psychology for interiors: The Summer Personailty

Sophie Robinson, a designer for England, explains how different seasons carry different colour personalities. To make your home season proof, change your accessories and decorations seasonally to create a home that changes just like the seasons.



Abigail Ahern

After all the decorating, you will be ready to throw a great party to show off your beautifully decorated home! Abigail Ahern, will let you into to some secret tips to decorate your house party even better!

table designs



The Budget Decorator

If you have little ones running around, why not treat their bedroom to a lick of paint by painting a mural on the wall. The Budget Decorator helps explain how this can be a great way of injecting colour into a tired bedroom.



Forward Features
Switch it Ne-ON

A great way to add a modern twist to your house, is by using neon lights to spell out a message that you feel strongly about! From DIY neon kits, to premade neon sculptures – you will feel a touch of art gallery has been added to your room.

light blue kitchen lamp



The Makerista

Sunroom Details: The Living Area

Gwen Hefner, from the Makerista, shows off her beautifully designed “Sun Room” and shows you how to achieve a similar look and style with her handy tips and tricks.



Little Big Bell

Organising kitchen storage can be something that can make even the interior-savvy worried! Thankfully, Little Big Bell shows you how to organise with ease to make a beautiful designed kitchen space.

contemporary kitchen design



French for Pineapple

If interior design is your thing, or if you have a friend who’s mad about decorating – you should have a look at French for Pineapples list of the best gifts to buy for anyone who is crazy about homeware.




Decor8blog has wrote a fantastic blog on 9 great ways to make your home cosy for winter. From throws and pillows to candles and plants, there’s an abundance of ideas on how to make your home and interior that bit more cosy for the cold months.

white floral bed comforter




Coco from cococozy displays the perfect way to make your bed in your master bedroom showcasing a variety of layers, products and their prices and where to find them. Your bed will look fantastic in no time with this

master bedroom design


Simplified Bee

This blog post from Simplified Bee is a round-up of home décor. The use of striped wallpaper in a home can be very striking and create feature of interest.



Well, I Guess This is Growing Up

Interior Designers take inspiration from everywhere! Have you ever walked around a store in your area and loved the decor? Well, take inspiration from that and add elements of what you love into your home.

assorted fruits



Old Fashioned Susie

If you are keen on keeping your walls clean and white, add a burst of colour to your interior with a patterned, tiled floor! They can add just the right amount of excitement to your room.



Ariannas Daily

Ariannas Daily, takes inspiration from designers who don’t mind showing you a glimpse into their perfectly put together homes. There’s so many great tips to make your house look like an interior designers dream!

Contemporary room design



Pippa Jameson Interiors

Pippa Jameson has found fame as a designer, featuring on two UK daytime television shows. She will show you how to take a supermarket bought product and upcycle it, so it looks like a bespoke piece of art for your home.



Hannah in the House

If you love the idea of clothing rails, this guide with give you a quick count down on how to keep them looking classy in your bedroom.

apartment bedroom design



Kate Young Design

Kate Young Design shows you a sneak peek of all the homes you see on the internet that stop you in your tracks! She gets to speak with the homeowners and discuss their aesthetic.



The Pink House

The Pink House gives you a run down of the 7 rules of home decor which are important for everyone who wants to give renovation a try! This list is a must read for any budding designer!

Apartment architecture



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