5 Ideas for Timeless Interior Features

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Interior design fads come and go but still, in the background of your home, you need timeless, elegant interior features that sit well with any style or trend. But what are they are how can you create them so that they are detailed and stylish, but without being overbearing or imposing?


1) Lighting

Every home needs lighting and the style of it depends not just on our likes and dislikes, but how we need it to function. For example, in the kitchen and bathroom, lighting needs to be brighter but in the living room, the light needs to be softer and responsive, such as dimmable lighting.

As an interior feature, you can create lighting that will work with any interior design style, whether you opt for this year’s interior design style of maximalist or, stick with the minimal or Scandinavian look.

  • Functional – recessed spotlighting is timeless in its appeal simply because there is little in the way of detail.
  • Luminosity – opt for functional lights that are responsive. As well as dimmer switches, consider how technology can contribute such as connecting lighting to Google Home or Amazon Echo.
  • Stylish features – from embellished lighting such as faux chandeliers in the hallway to industrial-inspired hanging pendant lights over the dining room table, lighting is a timeless, elegant addition to any room. Stick with neutral colours and scant detail for longevity.

2) Timeless colour

The one thing we can change easily and quickly is the colour of painted walls – just buy a tin of paint and a roller or brush get decorating!

But, we don’t always have the time and it can also be disruptive to be continually painting your home’s interior.

And so, when it comes to areas that are difficult to decorate – like the hallway because, who wants to be balancing atop a ladder? – colour that has longevity tends to be neutral and lighter shades.

3) The fireplace

Most homes have a fireplace, more so older properties than new builds but if you have one, designers say, you need to make this an impressive feature of the room.

In fact, many of us do this without noticing. The fireplace, whether it is grand and detailed in design, or minimal and modern, tend to be the focal point of a room.

Of course, the problem is when you want a minimal look and the fireplace is not only large but imposing.

If you don’t have the budget to change the fire surround, you can minimise its effects by painting in the same colour as the walls.

But take note, if you use the fire in the fireplace, you will need to ensure that the paint you use is fireproof.

4) Staircase

The staircase is an interior fixture of any property with more than one level and where there is a change in height, a balustrade is sure to be.

Investing in a glass balustrade will see you introduce a welcome detail that sits well with any interior design scheme. Glass doesn’t date either and so it is no wonder that glass balustrades are popular choices when it comes to staircases, as well as interior balconies and landings.

5) Flooring

Another aspect of our homes we don’t change too often is the flooring. And so, choosing a final floor finish can seem daunting when you consider the number of style changes it will go through.

Like wall colour, when it comes to choosing carpet, it is best to stick with neutral block coloured options, from light grey to barely-there beige. You can add or remove a pop of colour with rugs.

For hard floors, there are various solutions, two popular ones being;

  • Polished concrete – once installed, you can opt for a surface treatment that transforms the dull, grey industrial look into anything from marble to faux-slate flooring. Great for the industrial style, polished concrete flooring can be softened with rugs too when you feel the need.
  • Wood flooring – no matter what shade or finish, wood flooring sits comfortably within every interior style, from the minimal to the traditional. Steer clear of overly dark or quirky finishes and you have wood flooring that will last years.


Changing the interior style of your home is sometimes about making small changes and additions. But get the interior structures and detailing right, and you will see those important features work with any style.


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