The popularity of glass clamps and their benefits for glass balustrade projects

The increasing specification of glass balustrades in recent years has led to a growth in the popularity of glass clamps. Post systems, as well as frameless systems, are used extensively across residential and commercial buildings to provide stylish glass railings, effortlessly combining glass and stainless steel.

Glass Clamps are popular among fabricators, installers, contractors, architects and other trade professionals due to their aesthetic benefits and functional qualities. Not only are they easy to fix onto baluster posts and manoeuvre into position, but when combined with toughened glass it creates a balustrade system that is incredibly tough and durable.


Glass balustrade fixings


The most popular style of glass clamp on the market is the D shaped clamp, with either a flat or radius back depending on the mounting surface. The clamps use a series of gaskets and a pin for a simple fixing mechanism, which benefits the installer on-site and results in a clinical and structurally sound glass balustrade for the end user.

Paul Startin, Managing Director of Balustrade Components UK, comments, “We speak to a range of customers regarding glass clamps and their integration into balustrade systems. Fabricators and installers appreciate the quality of our clamps, as they are manufactured at our factory in Cannock. We are also able to despatch at short notice and can solve their problems if they have any unforeseen issues while on site.

When we speak to architects and larger contractors who are designing glass balustrades, we are happy to offer competent technical advice which means the installation is right first time. It is crucial to design the clamps, posts and other architectural metal hardware in the right locations to ensure load bearing compliance.”


Glass clamps


High quality glass clamps


Fabricators and installers appreciate the quality of our glass clamps, which are available in 304 and 316 stainless steel. These materials benefit with a more clinical aesthetic appearance as well as offering excellent levels of corrosion resistance, fire and heat resistance, strength-to-weight ratio advantage, hygienic properties as well as impact resistance.

By integrating our glass clamps into glass balustrade projects, fabricators and installers are assured that their installation will not only look aesthetically stunning, but will also be structurally sound and will comply with UK Building Regulations – notably Approved Document K and BS 6180:2011.

A final advantage of using glass clamps within balustrade installations is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. A simple lint-free cloth and a good glass cleaner is all you’ll need to keep your glass balustrade looking new.


Balustrade Components manufacture in-house a range of structural glass fittings for beautiful glass balustrading, including standoff point fixings and baluster posts.

Such balustrade fittings are available in two popular finishes – bright polished and satin polished. We have a wide range of stocked, short-lead time components in the factory which has helped many contractors, installers and housing developers who contact the company with urgent requirements for their project.

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