Modern, Sustainable Research Institute features frameless glass balustrading by AMG Railing

Frameless Glass Railings


Located in Nieuwegein, a city in the Dutch province of Utrecht is the KWR Watercycle Research Institute. Designed by Cepezed Projects b.v. the modern research institute blends effortlessly with its natural surroundings and provides numerous energy savings through its smart and sustainable design features.

Set amongst a small lake, trees and greenery the building is flooded with light due to its glass façade surround and glazed roof. The extensive use of glass is continued inside with glass office and laboratory partitions and a stunning central atrium at the hub of the building, providing access to all areas. Within the central hub is a sloped area rising to the first floor, this area features several meeting places and is screened either side by sleek frameless glass balustrading.


Glass Balustrades


The frameless glass balustrading designed and installed by AMG Railing continues on to the first floor, providing a safe barrier at first floor level overlooking the central hub below. The minimal ‘all glass’ look of the balustrading enables light to pass through and provides unobtrusive views from one side of the building to the other.

Approximately 215 metres of glass balustrading was installed in total. 17mm thick toughened laminated glass was used to ensure the glass remains in place if broken. To ensure a safe and seamless installation the glass was finished off with a brushed steel handrail, push fitted into place over a rubber gasket onto the glass.


Glass Balustrading


A meeting place for collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation

‘’Our headquarters are an expression of how we like to work. The building is a meeting place for collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation. Free-standing in its green setting, with its glass façade and partitions, the prevailing atmosphere is one of transparency. The quality facilities lend themselves exceptionally well to all kinds of gatherings in our collaborative work with partners. We demonstrate through our headquarters that it is perfectly possible for a knowledge institute to work in an entrepreneurial manner to meet public objectives’’. Ref


Glass Railings


In addition to resolving the aesthetic needs of this project, safety was of paramount importance. AMG glass balustrade systems worked directly with the main project team to ensure the system passed industry standards. The AMG system has been tested for safety by notified bodies across Europe, Meeting the regulations of the Nederlands Bouwbesluit 2012, French CSTB of the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment, German AbP: ‘Allgemeines bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis’. AbP is a German abbreviation referring to the “General Building Codes Test Certificate” and working on a project-by project base on static calculations in the UK. The British Standard tests are in progress, together with Balustrade Components Ltd.

AMG is a Dutch business located near Amsterdam with years of experience providing quality glass railing solutions across Europe. Balustrade Components UK Ltd is the exclusive distributor of AMG Railing products in the UK.

For further information on the range of high quality glass balustrade fixings available, or if you require support with your build project, please contact our friendly, expert team on 01543 624 780, contact us or visit our architectural glass shop.

Images: Architectenbureau cepezed


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