Stylish Safety Features for Your Home

There are many must-have features we all want in our homes. But when you think of safety features, you don’t necessarily think of stylish interior design.

modern home with glass balustrades

How Can You Strike the Balance Between Safety and Style?

When it comes to big home developments, many struggle to find the balance between style, safety and permanence. There are timeless features you can install that keep their finesse for decades, as well as maintaining the safety of your home. You just have to know what to look for!



First on the list is the materials you can (and cannot) use when it comes to safety features. Clearly, using flammable materials on or near the fireplace, for example, are a no-go, hence most fireside guards tend to be made with metal. It won’t scorch, melt or catch fire with the hot temperatures.

The same is true when it comes to balustrades/handrails. Any material you use must be able to withstand the force and pressure of an adult pressing against it without giving way. This opens a range of possibilities of materials to use, including metal and glass.

Tempered glass balustrades are ideal for any modern home, and look great wherever they are – from the external Juliet balcony to staircases and landings. The toughened glass panels are rarely damaged. Even when they come up against considerable force, they tend to chip or crack rather than shatter.

As well as being a tough material, glass is an easy-care material, allows light to flood the space and does all this without compromising on the safety aspect of a balustrade.


Stylish and Safe

Many safety features of the home have been designed along functional but boring lines. And although we need them, we often hate the design, the colours or the finish.

Take the humble, yet essential smoke alarm. Off-white plastic with a large red button, they are anything but pretty. But this small plastic box could save your family and possibly your home in the event of a fire.

But now, with the advent of digital smoke alarms, the finish, colour and style are becoming more modern– the same can be said of the humble, yet important safety balustrade.

At one time, the internal staircase balustrade was wooden. Any external balustrades, usually found at stately homes, were large, bulbous, concrete features.

In essence, this is no problem if you are happy with the style of such balustrades, but no good if you want to create a minimal style in your home.


Design and fixing

And finally, the design of essential safety features has changed over the years. Balustrades have been modernised, streamlined and are considered a stylish fixture rather than a safety one.

Balustrades have long been monitored by a set of regulations. These regulations specify the height of the handrail, as well as any gaps in the design. For example, no gap should be bigger than 1,000mm. Essentially, if you can push a football between the balusters, then a child could push their head through, getting it stuck in the process.

Likewise, some safety features have to perform in a certain way. In the case of a balustrade, it is the resistance to weight and force against it that it needs to effectively withstand. Fixings are just as important as the material and the design itself. Choosing the right glass clamps and fixings, for example, is essential to ensure that the whole balustrade functions in the way that it needs to.


When it comes to safety features, we all tend to have a fixed mindset. People often believe that there is no way we can accessorise them without compromising them. No one would think to decorate a smoke alarm – why would you? – but when it comes to big features such as staircase or balcony balustrades, pepping them up with a few accessories won’t affect them in the slightest. So, enjoy personalising your balustrades with lights or other pretty accessories. After all, these features are integral to your home so why not make the most of them?


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