How to Make the Most of Your Rooftop Terrace

rooftop terraces

If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop terrace, now is the time to take full advantage of everything that it offers. In this blog, we take a look at how to get the most of your rooftop terrace by maximizing space and potential.

Make The Most Of Your Rooftop

A rooftop terrace can be a beautiful spot to unwind but even though you may be hankering after the sun, it can be too hot without shade and sometimes not very private either. But with these tips, you’ll make the best of it.


#1 Preserve the view

An attraction of a rooftop terrace is the fantastic rooftop vista that you get all year round. Clearly, in summer, it is a more enjoyable place to sit but in your quest for privacy, you may be tempted to block some of this view with a balustrade.

Clearly, a balustrade is a critical component of a roof terrace and we know that glass balustrade systems are the affordable solution.

They allow you to make the most of the rooftop view but if you feel you want extra privacy without closing out the light, consider nearly opaque glass panel infills.


#2 Privacy partitions

If you enjoy your roof terrace or balcony with neighbours close by, then a privacy partition is just as essential as a balustrade.

However, a block partition can affect airflow and that means making your roof terrace stagnant by blocking the natural breeze around the building. Using a lattice type fence or partition will help this unless of course, you want to block a howling gale.


#3 Work with the environment

A roof terrace should look great all year round but you need to work with the environment and not against it.

A roof terrace can be a harsh environment, no matter what the season. Start the process of where and when you need shade by determining which way the roof terrace faces.

A north facing terrace can be cooler than a south facing one, in the UK at least. The sun rising in the east will give you a fantastic morning terrace but if facing due west, you’ll enjoy the sunset. Bear in mind that a south facing roof terrace will be exposed all day long.

Seasonal shading is a great investment from a well-anchored parasol to a fantastic sail shade.


#4 Choose the right kind of furniture

Choosing the right kind of outdoor furniture for your sun-trap roof terrace loosely falls to three considerations;

  • Material

Hotter and slightly harsher than a garden, the exposed roof terrace can be tough on garden furniture. In our opinion, the better quality, the better it will withstand the environment. Consider investing in hardwood garden furniture or rattan (or a composite mix) for the roof terrace. Plastic furniture warps too quickly as can softwood items.

  • Size

The size of furniture you get will depend on the size of your roof terrace and how you intend to use it. If you enjoy a smaller terrace, then furniture into which you relax and enjoy the view makes sense.

If you want more, use a range of versatile furniture options such as cube dining sets where the chairs fit underneath the table when not in use. Large sofas also work well on the roof terrace, perfect for relaxing with a cold glass of wine as the sun sets.

  • Style

Of course, the style of furniture is a consideration too. From dining sets to garden sofas, there is an increasing range of options for roof terrace furniture. As well as considering how weatherproof they are, consider comfort too.


#5 Add flowing water

In a city, part of the allure of a roof terrace is sitting and listening to the busy hub-bub of city life going by. But sometimes, the blasting horns and squeal of brakes are not want you to want to hear.

There is a solution that dulls the sound, but it doesn’t stop it completely – running water.

Install a beautiful self-contained waterfall along Feng Shui principles, complete with lights for evenings, and you will soon find that you ear latches on to the soothing sound of gently flowing water rather than sirens and horns.


#6 Accessorise

Add a few pots but don’t clutter the roof terrace floor or it will look a lot smaller, alongside pretty lights and coloured cushions and throws.

Now all you need to do is invite good friends and family over to enjoy great company and perhaps to dine al fresco. Or why not snuggle up with your significant other half, enjoying the romance of the setting sun…?


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