Refreshing Interior Design Ideas for Your Foyer

modern hotel foyer with red tub chairs and large windows

If you want new, refreshing design ideas for the entrance hall, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to make the most of the entrance space and take advantage of the staircase in your foyer to create a startling first impression.

How to Make Your Foyer Stand Out

As a business, you will know how important it is to create the right first impression. From customer service through to the impression of your physical business premises, it all combines to create an impression that your customers come to expect from your brand.

In a competitive marketplace, you need to utilise everything possible.The immediate entrance to your building is especially important. There are many ways you can do this, so refresh your foyer with these great ideas…

Think BIG

Can your foyer really be ‘fixed’ by a few pot plants and motivational posters? If not, you need to transform it in other ways. If the foyer contains a staircase to the next level, perhaps a new balustrade will give it a fresh, modern look. Pair this with vibrant colour on the walls, and you’ll be onto a winner.

What are your options when it comes to balustrades?

  • Modern wood design – wood is a material that brings warmth to any space and so if you feel that this natural material, either in a light or dark wood finish, fits with your brand and the message you want to send, then opt for a modern, slimline design to get an up-to-date look.
  • Glass – make a style statement, as well as an amazing first impression with glass. As a material, it gives off a luxurious quality which makes it an incredibly popular balustrade material. As well as using glass infills between posts on the staircase, you can opt for a super-minimal finish with a frameless glass balustrade which seems to float in thin air! You will be amazed at just how much lighter the foyer of your business premises becomes once the glass panels are installed.
  • Metal – matte or polished chrome is also a great finish to a balustrade on a staircase. Again, minimal in design it gives a fantastic finish that can have a delightful impact on a foyer space, but especially those areas that are bijou in size.

The Power of Green

We made fun of pot plants at the start of the article but actually, there are findings from various research projects that show the greenery of plants in an office or workspace, like a foyer, are beneficial. This isn’t just about the look of the place, but the impression they give visitors and guests too.

Helping with air quality, pot plants are perfect for creating an amazing display in the foyer too. But don’t just opt for a few pot plants…

  • Create a green wall – create a display that uses the expanse of a wall that brings the space to life. With professional installation comes an irrigation system that keeps the plants moist, as well as a team that comes along and look after the plants. You could use small alpine plants. The greenery is vivid and vibrant, as well as a talking piece.
  • Create a horizontal table display – if the green wall is a step too far for your budget, you can create something similar by clustering all kinds of house and exotic plants together in an artistic display on a table. You’ll be amazed at the volunteers that will come forward to spend half an hour every week re-arranging the plants and so on. A great stress-busting activity!

Add Water

Water has a soothing effect on anyone. Like a glass balustrade, it has the ability to get people talking with the wow factor. There is a growing range of indoor waterfalls that add the gentle, soothing sound of running water to a foyer. Used with glass and various other fixtures and fittings, it too helps with the light in a foyer.

What Statement Do You Need to Make?

With such an important space as the entrance to your building, you need to consider what statement you need to make. Just like other business activities, you want the decoration of the foyer to link strongly with your brand.

Some businesses need to create a space that relaxes people, others want to create an entrance that wows guests. Other businesses want a business-like, almost clinical feel to their foyer entrance.

Essentially, there is no right or wrong, but with so many fantastic ideas, which of these will you try? Does the answer lie in a fresh coat of paint and a glass balustrade?


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