Pool Safety


When the sun shines, we all want to spend time outside. And the best way to cool off is to enjoy a swim.

Splashing about in the local lake with friends, taking a swim in the sea or enjoying a paddle in a pool at home, there are a range of options.

Unfortunately, even though we may be hot and the temperatures peaking to heatwave heights, the temperature of the water can be much colder than we expect.

Cold water shock is when the body is paralysed by sudden onset of coldness, leading the swimmer to panic.

And drowning doesn’t look like what we think it does – people go limp rather than splashing around, gasping for air and shouting.

Be safe near and in water

There is the temptation to stay out of the water but with a few tips about swimming safely in open water, everyone can safely enjoy the open water.

But what about pools at home?

In recent years, we have seen an increase in larger swimming pools in back gardens. From semi-permanent to permanent structures, these pools can be the epitome of luxury and fun.

Gently heated, they are great for everyone to enjoy the summer sun. And they are deeper than the average small paddling pool.

But in the UK, unlike other countries such as Australia, there are no laws that relate to fencing off the pool area.

Could a pool balustrade be the answer?

A non-climbable glass balustrade is an answer to fencing off the pool area to prevent unsupervised swimming and the accidents that come with it.

Alongside effective adult supervision, a pool balustrade could bring the extra peace of mind and safety that you need when you want to enjoy a pool in the backyard.

At Balustrade Components, we have a range of options for pool balustrades. And, as this infographic shows, there are many reasons why investing in a balustrade at the same time you buy a swimming pool is a great idea.

Better still, a frameless glass balustrade is a stylish addition to your garden too! Take a look and be safe around water.

Pool Safety Infographic


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