Measuring Your Balustrade: Overall Measurement and Centreline Measurement

At Balustrade Components, we supply a range of fixings and components that make building your own glass balustrade easy.

Balustrades are the barrier that prevent falls but also give a balcony, staircase or decking a boundary that makes sense to the eye. It should be striking without being overpowering and it goes without saying that it should offer the strength and resilience to prevent falls and other accidents.

To get the right balustrade, you need the right fixings and components but your also need it to have the right style, design and finish. And this means measuring accurately.

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How to Measure – Our Top Tips

Measuring accurately is important because we supply the balustrade system you need according to the figures you give is.

Every balustrade system is bespoke and that means taking the time to get the measurements right. To get the most accurate balustrade, we ask that you take two measurements – the overall measurement and the centreline measurement.

Before You Start…

There is a saying that all tradespeople go buy – measure twice, cut once. What this means is, before your commit to ordering your balustrade, make sure you have accurate measurements. This means checking your first set of measurements at least once, although we know customers who check their initial measurement two or three times.

This is an important project, the final step in creating a balcony or new staircase and it needs to be perfect!

Take your time and check your measurements for accuracy.

Outline or Overall Measurement

The first set of measurements we need is the overall measurement of the base area on which you will be fixing your balustrade.

Most customers draw us a plan with the measurements written in. You can measure in feet and inches or in metres, although we will convert measurements to metres as we work using the metric system.

Centreline Measurement

These are more detailed measurements and concern the posts that you will use in your balustrade system.

If you are using a system of glass panel infills with posts, you will need to measure from the centre of the first post in your system, right around the balustrade run, ending in the centre of the final post in that run.

If you are opting for a frameless system, that is a balustrade with no posts – coming soon to Balustrade Components! – the centreline runs through the centre of the aluminium shoe that is used to secure the system.

The difference between the two sets of figures from the centreline measurement and the overall measurements will be millimetres.

How We Help You Get It Right!

Even though measuring for your balustrade system is relatively simple, a flaw in the final measurement will mean a balustrade that is not quite right. Rectifying it can be difficult but also involves added cost.

However, at Balustrade Components, we want to help you as much as possible to get it right.

  • Type and style of balustrade system – depending on the materials you opt for and the system you want, we may need some additional information and measurements.
  • Plan – once we receive your measurements, we create a plan of the overall balustrade system you are opting for, complete with micro-drawings of key area and posts of your system.
  • Check and check again! – unfortunately, it is not possible for us to send our team to measure up for you and so we ensure that before we manufacture and dispatch your balustrade order, that every part of it meets your approval. And this means you making one final check that your measurements are accurate and that the project corresponds with the drawings and measurements we have on the plans.

Great Service, Great Products, Fantastic Balustrades

We supply you with everything that you need from glass brackets and clamps, to posts and toughened glass infills. Call our superb team today on 01543 624780.

Or, email an outline sketch of your proposed balustrade system and we can advise you on which measurements to take, as well as which components and system will work best and for a free quotation on


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