Which Interior Design Trend Suits You?

Feel like you have a mix of styles and trends in your home? Want a more streamlined and coherent look?

Every room in your home should reflect you, your ideas and what you like (and don’t like!). It also needs to be practical and functional, especially in busy family homes.

Choosing Your Style – What Are the Options?

  • Modern – often mistaken as being minimalist, modern interior design has cool lines and a streamlined, uncluttered feel to it. It doesn’t have to be cold and lifeless but if you prefer ‘open’ living with very few things to get in your way, this is the style.
  • Upcycled and recycled – a growing trend in interior design styles is the re-use of furniture in the home to create a completely unique look. Perfect if you like quirky and doing your bit for the environment. Also, great for creating something completely unique.
  • Traditional – nothing wrong with enjoying the traditional look, matched with great storage and a modern twist or random act of quirkiness here and there.

Find out what your preferred interior design style is with our great quiz.

Which Interior Design Trend Do You Suit?

This quiz will ask you to pick a series of interior design trends that you like the most out of a specific selection. Depending on your answers, the quiz will then tell you what design styles you prefer.

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