How to Make Use of External Glass Balustrades

The garden should be a place that is multi-functional. And yet, all too often we feel we cannot use the space to its full potential because there are parts of it that are deemed ‘unsafe’.

Rather than not using the garden or only using it at a certain time, an external glass balustrade can be the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

We’ve identified five areas that would benefit from a glass balustrade but there are many other areas too;

#1 Balconies

Clearly, any structure that has an overhang or an edge will need some kind of safety feature to prevent people falling. Even if this height is only a few feet, taking an unexpected tumble over an edge can be a frightening and unpleasant experience, resulting in a nasty break or other kind of injury.

What has happened in the past is that these fencing arrangements tend to be superbly functional but also very bland, and very boring, not fitting with the landscape around it.

Glass balustrades have an appeal all of their own and there is something quite pleasant about the use of glass in an outdoor space. It provides a barrier without providing an opaque, dead-end to a space.

We love an external glass balustrade on a balcony as it allows you to admire the view, without compromising on safety.

#2 Swimming pools & hot tubs

Where there is water, there is a possibility of drowning or people and animals getting into difficulty. A barrier is always recommended around the pool or hot tub area, as well as appropriate supervision.

In hotter countries, where a built-in pool is the norm, a fence is mandatory. And not just any old fence or barrier. The pool owner has to show that they have taken all necessary steps to prevent someone gaining access to the pool when they shouldn’t. So, the gaps between railings, for example, should be too small for an inquisitive child to squeeze through.

Although we don’t have such a law or regulation in the UK, it makes sense that anyone with a pool takes precautions to prevent access to it. An external glass balustrade will provide this barrier, without distracting from the rest of the garden.

#3 Zoning a space – BBQing area, for example

The garden plays host to all kinds of different activities, from kids playing in the sand pit to you relaxing in the sunshine, enjoying the latest best seller.

There are also times when you may enjoy your lunch or evening meal al fresco or, if the weather allows, BBQing for friends and family.

There are all kinds of dangers and hazards but if you cook in the garden on a regular basis, sectioning this area so that it is safer may be a good move. Again, an external glass balustrade can be the barrier you need, that functions without over powering the garden.

#4 Ponds

Encouraging wild life into your garden is one way of maintaining its ecological balance which is why many people are building ponds into the landscape.

Whether you use a pre-made plastic pond, or create your own using a pond liner, having a pond teeming with fish will soon bring all kinds of wild life visitors from frogs to garden birds.

Again, there is a risk of drowning should inquisitive children go to examine the delightful may fly that has landed on the lily pad. But again, you are faced with the prospect of building an unpleasant fence or trying to blend a barrier into the garden.

Glass balustrades are again, the barrier you are looking for that can be the start of the show, or the support in the background.

#5 Decorative feature

Have you noticed how some gardens seem to ooze attractive qualities? They have plenty of detail without overcrowding the eye, making it look messy and cluttered.

Have you wondered how to get this look for your own garden? If you sit back and really look at the garden that inspires you, you will notice that there are all kinds of features and textures, which designers arrive at by providing variations in height in the space.

From planting taller plants to small, ground -spreading ones, the use of features such as statues and glass balustrades can make a featureless garden instantly more complex and interesting.

Throw a few lights around the glass panel or use an uplighter hidden in the planting, and your glass balustrade can be the star of the show.


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