How to Make the Most of Your Balcony

A balcony, no matter how large or small, can feel like a small slice of luxury. A delightful place to sit and unwind after another hectic day, or even eat outside or sink into a fantastic novel, the balcony is a fantastic space.

If you have decided to opt for a balcony, then you may be wondering how to make the best of it. And we have some great ideas…

Choose the best place to put it

balconyIf you are at the planning stage, then it makes sense to have a think about where the best place for the balcony is. Clearly, the most pleasant view is the perfect vista from a balcony, along with facing the rising and setting sun. Facing south puts the balcony in sun all day (when it shines!)

Balconies are raised platforms off the ground and so some balconies that are attached to the home can be part of a bedroom, or a living space on the first floor or above. The chance to add a balcony to a property is an exciting home improvement and one that allows you to be creative too.

Size is important

If you are adding a balcony to a property, then you have the luxury of deciding how big or small it should be. To a certain extent, size does matter as you want the balcony to be as useful as possible.

Certainly having it wide enough on which to sit makes sense. Be aware, however, that the bigger the balcony, the more attention will need to be aid to be principle of strength and leverage, as well as how far inside the property the balcony floor will need to be fixed.

The safety barrier

Where there is an edge, there will need to be a safety barrier to prevent falls. It can be frustrating when you have dreams of installing a balcony to enjoy the view that the balustrade blocks the vista.

This is why opting for glass balustrades is the perfect solution. You have the perfect safety barrier without blocking your vision. The glass panels allow you to see straight on through and also allows plenty of light to flood on to the balcony.

You could also be incredibly creative and opt for a frameless glass balustrade system. This is where glass panels seem to magically float out of the balcony. They are ultra-minimalist and look amazing and is certainly a great way of adding something extra to a balcony space.


There is nothing better than sitting on a balcony of an evening but why do you need to go indoors when the sun has set?

The answer is to install lights with a gentle glow that makes sitting on the balcony a joy when daylight has faded.

There are also all kinds of pretty solar powered lights that you can use too. These are available in all kinds of shapes and colours; they look so pretty draped over glass balustrades too.


Clearly, you want to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the view and the fresh air. The perfect solution is to include furniture, especially seating on which you can relax.

If you don’t have a lot of room on the balcony, you can opt for storage seating, a clever solution to combining comfy seating with some storage on the balcony.

There are also sets of café dining sets, as they are called – a functional round table with two chairs. These chairs can sometimes fold flat, perfect for storing over the winter months.

If you have more space on a balcony, there are some great sofa type options for you to choose from. We especially love the corner or L-shaped sofas, complete with water and weather-proof cushions that means they can stay out every hour of the day. In winter, manufacturers suggest you cover with a large sheet or you can buy specially made, waterproof covers to prevent the weather damaging your furniture.

Add some colour

Adding colour makes the balcony seem even more luxurious and decadent. There are various ways you can do this:

  • Lighting – as discussed previously, lights can add so much to a balcony space, colour being one of them
  • Cushions and throws – easy to store inside, when you want to sit outside, throw a few cushions around the space and throws on chairs to make it look even more sumptuous
  • Plants – if you space is small you may not want to clutter it up with too many plant pots but a few pots with bright flowers will look amazing. Choose blousy plants such as bright gerbera daisies or the beautifully scented geraniums.

Balconies can be a delightful addition to any home – what about yours?


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