How to Introduce More Light with Glass Panel Stair Cases


The hallway, stairs and landing can often be the smallest space in a home – and the darkest too. Getting light into the stairwell and hallway can seem like a never ending battle where, no matter how hard you try, it seems to remain dark and in shadow.

But there is another option. Investing in glass panel staircases is something that many customers have already done and are now enjoying a lighter hallway and landing. If you want to know how to introduce more light in this area of the home, read on…

#1 Glass panel staircases

Glass is an amazing material. It can reflect light all around in all kinds of places but in the hallway, stair well and landing, it Is the perfect choice.

As well as bouncing light around, it also allows light to penetrate through it which creates some amazing colours and patterns on the walls and floor, as well as making the space feel bigger and more open.

Many people worry about the safety aspect of glass but there is no need as glass used on staircases, balconies and so on as part of a balustrade system is tempered and toughened. This effectively means that it doesn’t chatter but chips or, at worst, cracks. All you then do, is replace that panel.

But the chances of the glass panel being damaged is low as it takes a lot of concerted effort to chip ir or break it.

#2 Adding lights

It can be difficult to add light but using lights as down lights and up lighters are a great way of adding light without adding clutter. Opening up a space is as much about opening up the space to the eye, as it is physically removing clutter and so on.

Uplighters can make the stairway hall seem much taller and down lights are a great way of spotting features with light. And don’t forget that glass panel staircases help to throw light around too.

To make a real change, add lights to the treads too! This is a great safety feature as much as it is aesthetically pleasing.

#3 Lighter coloured walls and ceiling

It goes without saying that the lighter the wall and ceiling are in the colour you paint them, the more open the space will seem. However, this doesn’t mean that you are devoid of all colour and shade.

There are many ways of adding interest to a space without closing it down with colour. In the case of a hallway, the high wall height tends to lend itself well to dramatic wallpapers. But, instead of using the whole wall, zone sections of it off by creating smaller spaces that are wallpapered and use a light colour on all the other walls. You could accent this spot with a downlight too.

#4 Use glass or mirrored ornaments

Having a clutter-free hallway is also an important part of helping the hallway seem much bigger and lighter than it is but the problem with this is that some of these ornaments and features can absorb light.

Using glass or ornaments made from reflective material can really make a huge different to the hallway. But don’t overdo it.

Keep any decorative items should be kept to a minimum – we suggest using one or two key pieces that can clearly form the focal point of the scheme.

#5 Chandelier

The height of the stairway can really add to the drama too and if you have the head room and the budget, why not opt for the most decorative chandelier you can find?

Glass pearls and light chrome work really well together, or if the colours contrast and complement each other, opt for on-trend brass fittings with glass tear drops.

These add a real wow factor to any hallway but again, when you team the reflective properties of a chandelier with glass panel staircases you get a real sense of drama and delight – and all in your hallway!

#6 White or lighter furniture

The hallway is the place through which you and your family will pass several times a day, complete with wet coats and muddy shoes. Keeping this space organised is difficult but there are all kinds of storage solutions.

Whichever one you opt for, always remember that darker furniture absorbs light, the very thing you are trying to keep hold of in the hallway! Why not take a look at light, beech furniture or, if you think it will withstand the rigours of family life, white furniture works really well in a hallway too?

With so many ideas, your hallway won’t be lacking in light for much longer!


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