How to Create a Stylish Garden with Glass Balustrades for Decking

Dog holding a hoseThe garden should be a fun and safe place for everyone.

For any avid TV viewer, the wonderment of people creating, living and using small spaces gives us hope and inspiration that out garden, no bigger than a postage stamp can be a haven of tranquillity and peace, as well infinitely functional.

With a few clever changes in both garden design and our own attitude toward the size of the space we have to utilise, your garden can quickly resemble paradise.

So what changes can you make that will have the biggest impact?

#1 Start from the ground up

Frequently, the main reason why a garden space cannot be used to its full potential is the lawn or yard is uneven and unsightly.

Levelling this off does not mean hiring a mini-digger nor laying a new layer of concrete. It can be as simple as creating a decked area. This evens out the ground beneath, rendering a space with uneven ground, dips and humps to being under the decking and a vast expanse of useable, flat space.

Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, decking is a welcome addition to many garden spaces but you can do more than just add a few planks and screwing them together.

#2 Glass balustrades

Glass balustrades for decking is a designer’s favourite way of not only creating a safety barrier on an edge but also separating the garden into zones.

You may think that the last thing your small garden needs is zones and balustrade but leaving the garden ‘open plan’ may actually mean that you don’t use the space or use it well.

Glass balustrades for decking allow you to create zones or areas without cutting it off from the rest of the space. Using clear glass, with a minimal frame, it won’t cut into the visual landscape too much either and will also allow light to play throughout the space.

Even better, when you need a safety barrier at an edge, it is perfectly functional, without being bland or ugly.

#3 Adding detail, without adding clutter

A small place will look smaller the more ‘stuff’ that is in it so when it comes to storage, you need to be clever with solutions.

Decking not only makes a great platform on which to sit, work and play but it is also a great storage feature too. Build the height of the decking up and you could have some great pull out drawers beneath. Great for sandpits that can be put away at the end of the day, as well as keeping garden toys or maybe even a few gardening tools like trowels, forks and so on.

#4 Add shade

A small garden is great for playing in, sunbathing in, partying in, BBQing… the list is almost endless but if it is a suntrap it can render the garden too hot to use for the majority of the day.

The simple solution is to add shade and there are all kinds of ways of doing this: from investing in a soft but sturdy sail to building a pergola and training sweet-scented plants up and over it.

#5 Letting the inside meet the outside

All too often, our garden spaces are separate and distinct from the interior of our home and so if you have the budget to open the interior of your home to your garden, then it is worth taking the plunge.

Bi-fold doors allow you to more or less open up the whole side or back of your home, creating a seamless expanse between the interior of your home and the garden.

With a glass balustrade in place to prevent falls and so on, you can be confident your garden is a safe place for people and children to enjoy.

#6 Let there be light!

And finally, just as with small spaces in the home, adding light to your garden can make it feel a lot bigger.

This is more so of an evening, as the sun sets on yet another day and your garden lights twinkle into action. Of course, your electricity bill need not suffer either as solar powered lights are the perfect addition.

From adding lights in the flower borders, to delightful hanging icicles of soft white lights on your pergola, you can wrap smaller lights around your glass balustrades too, giving your garden a somewhat romantic feel.

Make the best use of your outdoor space…

… has never been easier with all kinds of hints and tips on getting the most from a small garden or yard.



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