How Glass Balustrades Can Transform Your Leisure Facility

You want customers to get the right impression about your business and your brand.

There are many tools at your disposal to create brand awareness and develop reputation – a glass balustrade is just one tool.

























And here’s why:

#1 The right look and feel

How do you want your leisure venue to look? In most cases, leisure facilities need to be clean, look modern, light and airy.

Leisure facilities, from swimming pools to the clubhouse can soon begin to look jaded, especially if you have a lot of footfall through your venue.

This ‘tattered’ and ‘seen better days’ impression is not the one you want to create. But neither do you want to invest in materials that are so trendy and uber-modern that within a few months, they are out-of-date.

Glass is one of those materials that never drops out of fashion or favour. It sparkles. It looks clean and, from your point of view, it is robust, a material that lasts a long, long time without looking faded or tattered.

Ditch the wooden trellis and fencing that requires painting, staining, and repairing and opt for glass instead, instantly adding appeal to an area, whether that is the veranda or the entrance lobby to your leisure facility.

#2 Safety

Health and safety rules and regulations are in place to keep everyone safe, including your patrons and staff.

Any space that could present a hazard – such as falling from a height – needs to be safe for your patrons and staff to use.

And when you do have a barrier in place, you want complete confidence that it has the strength and the ability to stop people from falling, and not give way under pressure from a thronging mass of people.

With a professional designed and installed glass balustrade at your leisure facility, you can be confident it is a robust safety barrier.

#3 Light

It may be an outside balcony but it may also be in shade for much of the day. You want to encourage light to play in a space and the only way to do this is to use reflective, non-light absorbing materials.

Glass is a superb reflector of light, both natural daylight and ambient light of an evening. It adds a certain romance to an area too.

For example, a pond full of fantastic carp is great for romantic moments for your guests at receptions and events but not if they fall in the pond…

You want the balustrade to encourage people to enjoy the view or the pond or the pool, but without cutting off the vista – railings can be an ugly distraction. Glass balustrades are not.

#4 Inside and outside

Glass balustrades can be used in many places outside – around ponds and outdoor pools, on decking and balconies – and inside too.

Some leisure facilities use glass balustrades as a means of zoning areas. For example, we have created glass balustrades around the area of the garden that leisure facilities use during summer for BBQs.

And then there is the modern take on a BBQ of the outdoor pizza oven, great for your guests but clearly, you need a barrier to keep them from getting too close to the white-hot embers – and the glass balustrade is perfect.

Glass balustrades can be used inside too, on stairwells and whenever there is a change in levels on the floor. There is also examples of glass balustrades being used to help in ‘crowd control’ or directing patrons to certain places. Some barriers can seem like over-kill but a glass balustrade is a thing of beauty so doesn’t give the impression of being ‘overboard’.

#5 Versatile

Glass balustrades suit any interior or exterior design scheme. But we think there is something better about them: they can be an object of desire themselves.

Take a look at a frameless glass balustrade and you will see what we mean. No chunky handrail, no visible clips or glass clamps, not visible means of support. Relying on laws of physics, frameless systems remain in place with hidden nuts and bolts and the physics of cantilevering.

In summary

There are many applications of glass balustrades, the ideal railing and safety barrier at your leisure facility. They can denote zones – such as the smoking area or the dining area – they can be used inside the building as well as externally.

A simple system, glass balustrades are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance – all-in-all perfect for creating the right impression of your business.


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