Four simple tips to maintain glass balustrades

There are all kinds of modifications and improvements we can make to the interior of our home or business premises.

As much as we may like the look and idea of something, if it is not practical then it is difficult to incorporate it into the space where we want and need it to be. There are times when this practicality has meant that some applications of glass in the home have been difficult; fixing glass has, for example, long presented an issue and this is why Balustrade Components now stock an increasing range of fixings, clamps and so on.

Why choose glass?

Glass is a material that has long been used within buildings but, it tends to be used in the same kinds of places. Clearly, windows and doors are the main use for glass and for obvious reasons – allowing light through, glass is often the chosen, favoured material.

In some applications and uses, it can be relatively inexpensive too and this again, has long made it a firm favourite. However, the biggest draw of glass is the way that it looks – and the way that it can transform a space from ordinary to simply stunning.

The smallest hallway can have a new life breathed in to it, with glass allowing light, both natural and ambient, to play within the space. It has reflective properties too and light can reach all areas of the space.

men cleaning windowsHow to keep glass balustrades looking fabulous (and safe)

Glass as a balustrade on stairs or a balcony also offer the same benefits; light can be bounced around, you can see through the glass so your view is no interrupted and so on.

Glass balustrades are thus becoming more common place and even better is that they need little, if any maintenance. However, keeping your balustrade looking good and flawless takes only a few minutes. And with our four simple, straightforward tips, you will see that there is really nothing to it.

  1. Checking for damage or lose fittings

Glass is a hardy and robust material, especially when it is toughened and treated like the glass panels used as balustrades. They rarely shatter – in fact, this type of glass would need to be dropped from a considerable height to do this.

What can happen is that the glass panel can become chipped, especially at the corners or edges after taking a heavier than normal impact, such as a hard object falling against it. In most cases, this is more annoying that compromising on safety but clearly, if you notice that the chip is beginning to form into a crack, then the panel should be replaced.

Likewise, it is rare but fittings and clamps could work lose. Check these over from time to time too.

  1. Cleaning

Perhaps the largest and most frequent maintenance task is cleaning the glass balustrades to maintain their sparkling appearance.

Clearly, those in commercial settings will need more cleaning that those at home, although you would be amazed at how sticky finger marks and smears appear on glass panels from nowhere!

Window cleaning substance, along with a lint-free cloth (the type that doesn’t leave smears or bits of fabric behind) work really well.

Some people prefer to use soap and water; again, wiping residue away with a lint free cloth ensures a smear-free finish. Or, some people are now investing in hand held cleaners to hygienically clean glass balustrades quickly and easily too.

  • Avoiding sharp objects near the glass

Prevention, as the saying goes, is better than cure and thus, ensuring that the surrounding area is friendly towards glass is just as important as cleaning and maintaining it.

If, for example, you are moving furniture or other objects passed the glass balustrade, then covering the panels with bubble wrap or cloth can help to lessen the chance of damage. There is nothing worse than a glass panel with an annoying scratch right down the middle or a chip off the corner. You want your glass balustrade system to be perfect!

  1. Choosing the right system, with the right fixings and components

As odd as this may sound, we think that the key in maintaining perfection is to have the right system for you in the first place.

This means choosing the right style, fittings and finish for the space that the glass balustrade will occupy. This can be something as simple as choosing an aluminium, lightweight handrail over a wooden one. Or maybe frosted glass panels would work better than clear.

With the right advice, you can have the stylish glass balustrade system you want.


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