How to ensure you specify the latest trends in balustrade designs

Structural glazing systems are an increasing feature in modern architecture ideology, having being integrated into construction designs more and more over the last one hundred years. This is evident in the number of glass balustrade designs and balconies that now feature in modern buildings.

To ensure longevity in the design and functionality of incorporating glass balconies and balustrades into new build and refurbishment projects, it is crucial to specify the correct glass fixings, design using suitable materials, and importantly ensure the glass structure complies with UK Building Regulations and satisfies the load bearing requirements.

Balustrade Components UK is one of the leading balustrade fixings solution providers in the UK, offering high quality glass balustrade components backed with unparalleled technical service capabilities. Our precision engineering values will future-proof your glass balustrade and balcony project.

Balustrade designAdvances in structural glazing barriers and how they integrate into modern exteriors

Ever since the introduction of float glass in the mid-20th century, glass has revolutionised architectural landscapes around the world. Glass and steel constructions have become symbolic of modern built environments.

The advances in stainless steel production have also driven demand for its use within construction. Factors such as component design, material properties, mechanical functionality, and structural integrity, mean stainless steel is an excellent material to use for high quality balustrades and balconies.

Balustrade Components use the finest quality, UK sourced, 304 and 316 stainless steel as well as zinc alloy, to produce our balustrade fittings. The durable material lends itself well for glass balustrade and balcony structures due to its high levels of corrosion resistance, fire and heat resistance, impact resistance, hygienic properties and clinical aesthetic appearance. We continually develop our range of structural glass fixings, such as glass clamps, standoff point fixings, handrails and fasteners, to ensure they are relevant and integrate seamlessly into modern building designs.

Precision engineering is core to our operation, and by manufacturing high quality balustrade fittings in continuing innovative designs, it ensures quality stems through the entire specification process for a balcony or balustrade project. Architects, contractors and specifiers are assured that by using our balustrade fixings their project will be aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and durable, while conforming to UK Building Regulations Approved Document K for the Protection from Falling, Collision and Impact. Homeowners and end-users will benefit from having a beautiful balustrade or balcony on their property which not only gives unobstructed views of the building aspects, but also has a high regard for safety.

Glass balconies

The importance of balconies and balustrades to the end-user

Glass balustrades are an increasingly popular choice for around balcony areas, as homeowners appreciate the uninterrupted views of their garden or city skyline. Not only that, but they also have a more minimal impact on the aesthetics of a building, for example compared to a wooden or all-metal balcony structure.

As well as the brilliant aesthetic qualities of glass balustrades, their functionality and durability mean they are a desirable option for modern architectural trends. They provide an incredibly safe glass barrier around the balcony which will be designed to withstand various load bearings for optimum safety. 10mm and 12mm toughened or laminated glass are incorporated into the designs, and together with high quality balustrade fixings e.g. glass clamps, mean they are wonderfully suitable to protect people in balcony areas. Not only that, but they also provide protection against the elements for buildings, such as from the wind and rain.

How do you ensure your balustrade design is on-trend? Paul Startin, Managing Director of Balustrade Components, gives a brief overview, “Material selection is absolutely crucial to get the desired functionality and appearance for stunning balustrades. By using high quality stainless steel fixings and glass panels you are able to dictate overall design, fixing techniques, load bearings and importantly ensure compliance with building regulations.

We work closely with architects and contractors where we help design sophisticated balustrades using expert CAD systems and designs; calculate, apply and test load bearings on the glass structure to ensure they are fit for the purpose intended; and finally provide high quality stainless steel balustrade fixings. Our strength at Balustrade Components is the ability to help our clients through every stage of the specification process, from concept through to completion.”

Innovation drives design

Innovation is a key driver to Balustrade Components UK and the service we offer our clients. It ensures we stay relevant and provide architects and specifiers with the highest quality products and latest design concepts. We are pleased to have recently introduced the spectacular AMG Railing Frameless Balustrade System to the UK market. This advanced system creates beautifully elegant frameless glass railings that really maximises the use of glass, and can be either side or base mounted. It is tested to meet the strictest building code requirements throughout UK and Europe, including CSTB, AbP, NBN B 03-004 and Nederlands Bouwbesluit 2012.

The AMG Frameless Glass Balustrade System will be perfect to use on new build multi-occupancy residential buildings, commercial buildings, high-end single occupancy residential developments, transport facilities and other general municipal buildings. The system will provide aesthetically stunning frameless glass railings that have a high level of functionality and safety, conforming to the latest building regulations.

Balustrade Components UK offers unparalleled technical service capabilities to architects, specifiers, building developers and other industry professionals. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce the highest quality glass balustrade fixings and demonstrate our commitment to providing continued quality products for the specification build process.


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