How to Dress up Your Balustrades Ready for Christmas

Christmas pine cones and leavesThere is no better way to welcome in the Christmas season than to get started on decorating your home. As the first lights get strung up, and the ribbon makes its yearly appearance, the Christmas spirit is always very quick to follow.

When it comes to planning your Christmas decorations, there are few better places to start than with your balustrades. Whilst balustrades can be beautiful all year round, there is something extra special about adding a touch of Christmassy colour to your handrails and bannisters. From showing you how to attach balustrade decorations to making them shine with string lights, we have you completely covered this festive season.

For the ultimate Christmassy inspiration, our top 10 tips for how to prepare your balustrades for Christmas will set you on the right path to making a truly eye-catching display this year.

  1. Introduce a Natural Theme-

    Natural garlands are a wonderful way to simplify the process of attaching balustrade decorations. Whether you opt for a pre-made garland, or create your own using pine leaves, they provide a sturdy base that will completely transform the look of your balustrade. Thick foliage is great when attached to the balustrade for landing banisters, while thinner garlands will create a beautiful look when wrapped around individual staircase balusters.


  1. Bring out the Baubles-

    Christmas baubles shouldn’t just be reserved for Christmas trees. Bright, shiny baubles provide a wonderful contrast against natural garlands, making the dark greens really stand out. They can even be used without a garland backing, creating a wonderful display when placed on a balustrade with lights.


  1. Get Festive with Bows-

    No matter what colour scheme you choose, you can’t go wrong with bows! From over-sized bows that drape down your banister, to small individual bows nestled in garlands, there are countless ways that you can incorporate a splash of bright colour with Christmas themed bows.


  1. String up the Stockings-

    To create a bold and practical balustrade for landing or staircase display, consider hanging up Christmas stockings. Brightly coloured stockings really create a statement Christmas decoration. This can also double up as a practical place to store presents for Christmas morning.


  1. Make a Statement with Spray Paint-

    Incorporating pine cones or other natural elements in your decoration is a wonderful way to bring a bit of life to your display. Using gold, silver, or red spray paint, is a creative and fun way to make those natural elements stand out. By spray painting a few select parts of your garland, you can create a breath-taking display. You won’t have to worry about how to attach balustrade decorations separately.


  1. Add Some Lights-

    There are few more eye-catching ways to transform your bannisters than by dressing a balustrade with lights. Whether you opt to intertwine each part of the balustrade with lights or incorporate them into a garland, it’s difficult to go wrong with fairy lights. This will be even more effective if you include baubles, with the bright colours creating a wonderful atmospheric reflection.


  1. Pull out the Ribbon-

    If you’re planning to use a set colour scheme this Christmas, ribbon is a great way to ensure that it is present throughout your decorations. A simple thread of ribbon through a garland will tie in a colour scheme in a minimalistic way. For more of a statement design, use ribbons in conjunction with bows, wrapping them around each baluster.


  1. Hang up Your Wreath-

    While many people choose to hang their wreath on their front doors, they make for a fantastic alternative balustrade decoration. Simple yet elegant, a few wreaths hung on your staircase or bannisters is a minimalistic way to ensure your balustrades are ready for Christmas.


  1. Customise with an Advent Calendar-

    Use a little of that festive creativity to introduce a unique aspect to your balustrades. With a little bit of work- you can turn them into an advent calendar! A great excuse to decorate early, running numbered treats through your garland is a fantastic way to get every member of your household excited for the Christmas season.


  1. Stock up on the Sweet Treats-

    If your balustrades aren’t big enough for a full advent calendar, try hiding a few sweet treats in your decorations. Candy canes are not only incredibly festive and delicious. They made fantastic colourful ornaments that are very easy to hang.

There are no rules when it comes to decorating for Christmas, and often, the most creative ideas really make an impact. One of the best ways to dress up your balustrades for Christmas is to let your creativity run wild. Just incorporate a little of everything that you love about the season. If you haven’t got balustrades yet, have a look at our great range of balustrade components and get in touch with our team.


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