Your Guide to DIY Ambience Lighting

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Ambient lighting can be an expensive investment when you go down the route of dimmer switches and changing your light fittings.

Creating Easy Ambient Lighting

Ambiance is the character or atmosphere of a room or space. It is the feeling we want to create in our homes. In the main, we want to feel cosseted and relaxed, just as we want guests to feel welcome. It might be that at certain times of the year, such as around Valentine’s day, we want our home to have an air of romance.

There are many ways of creating the right ambience, all of which depend heavily on influencing our sense which in turn, influences how we feel about a space.

Lighting is an important factor in creating an ambience to a room which is why this guide to ambience lighting is essential reading.


What ambience lighting is NOT

It is not a functional form of lighting a room! It can be low-level lighting, as well as coloured to create an extra sense of ‘something’ to the space.


What ambience lighting IS

It is simplicity, warmth and character. It can be romantic, or it can be a lower-level of soft lighting that creates a pleasant glow in any room, perfect for snuggling on the sofa with your loved one or watching a film. Here’s how to achieve it.

1) Soft glowing

The easiest and simples DIY hack for creating ambient lighting in a room is to substitute bright, white bulbs for those that have a softer, warmer glow.

There are many options when it comes to bulbs but choose soft white or ‘off-white’ colours to remove the bright, blue-based white lights that are functional but stark.


2) Reflections

Lighting in a room is not just about adding more or changing bulbs – it is about using reflective surfaces to create pretty rainbow patterns and reflect the glow around the space.

Glass and mirrors are the two better options, as well as metallic finishes. You just have to look at the glimmer of candles with glass to see what we mean. The same is true with bulbs and fairy lights – use with glass for extra reflective powers.

3) Battery-powered fairy lights

These are relatively new to the market but give off a pretty glow. From coloured tiny lights to soft whites, fairy lights are not just for the Christmas tree.

And with the battery power of these lights, they are perfect for placing just about anywhere (although they are usually intended for indoor use only). Better still, at a few pounds, they are affordable and with this simple idea, creating spotlights of pretty lighting details in a room is cheaper than you think;

  • Lights in jars – use washed out jam jars and similar glass jars and coil the battery-powered fairy lights within. Dot them about the room and enjoy their comforting presence.
  • Wrap around – because they can be put just about anywhere, these tiny fairy lights are ideal for wrapping around objects, from gracefully adorning a glass vase to draped artistically over balustrade handrail brackets.

Frankly, you can never have too many fairy lights. But if you can, try to use the same colour throughout the room so that you get a sense of cohesion. Too many shapes and colours have the opposite effect of romantic ambient lighting.

4) LED lighting

LEDs are great is so many ways! They are dimmable, come in a range of colours and because they don’t give off heat, they can be placed just about anywhere.

There are many options on the market but as an addition in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom, LED lights are worth the investment.

Smart lighting is a technology more of us are tapping into and perfect for making your home stand out with LED strips.

Usually bought in metre lengths, you place the strips where you want them and connect to their built-in Wi-Fi with a corresponding app on your smartphone. With this app, you can change colour, make them brighter or dim them. You can also set them to certain routines too – for example, they can flash to tell you that there is someone at the door or that your favourite football team has scored.

The possibilities are almost endless but as an ambient lighting addition, LED lighting and strips are an affordable option.

Ambience lighting is what you make it. How do you create the atmosphere in a room with lighting?


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