Design Tips for a More Modern Entrance Hall

If you are looking to renovate your hall, stairs, and landing, there are a few ways in which you can make it stand out. By taking the right steps, you can make a huge difference to the appearance of these areas in your home.


When visitors walk through your front door, it is only natural that you want to make a good first impression. If you want to impress those visiting your home, choosing the right décor and interior design can play a huge part in your success. With the right lighting, décor, and ambience, you can enjoy seeing the amazed expressions on visitors’ faces as they step through the door and into your home.


Add drama to your staircase


One of the first things that many people will see as they walk into your home is the staircase. Making this as dramatic as possible can, therefore, have a real impact. Choosing the right balustrades can make a big difference when it comes to creating impact.


For instance, you could opt for glass balustrades with glass clips for a really modern look- an almost futuristic effect inside your home- or iron balustrades in Art Nouveau style for a dramatic finish. With iron balustrades, you could create something that is Gothic, stylish, and intriguing, adding an air of mystery to your staircase.


Choose the right lighting


Another thing you have to consider is the lighting that you use in your entrance way. This is not something that will matter so much during daylight hours. However, at night it can have a real impact if you have the right lighting. Using wall lights and table lamps in the entrance to your home can create a soft, relaxing, and welcoming effect compared to harsh overhead lights.


You can have the same sort of lighting going up the stairs, with some stunning wall lights available these days. Try to opt for soft, dimmed lighting as often as possible, as this will help to add an air of mystery to the entire entrance area of your home.


The perfect colours to choose


It is best to avoid any dark colours when it comes to the walls and flooring, as this will simply make the whole area look dingy and a little scary. Instead, choose pale colours for the walls, which will add a modern, fresh touch to the overall appearance of your entrance hall. A fresh coat of clean paint tends to look more modern than dated wallpaper, but you can get some great wallpapers with modern designs too if that’s what you prefer. The right colours will make the hallway look bigger, which is another benefit.


When it comes to the flooring, laminate is an excellent option to add modern style and class to the area. You will also be able to benefit from the easy maintenance of this type of flooring and it doesn’t cost a huge amount to buy and install. Laminate will complement the modern colours on the walls perfectly.


Add some artwork for a dramatic effect


Another way to add finesse and class to your entrance hall is by adding some artwork to the walls. You can get some excellent art reproductions at great prices these days, and these can add a wonderfully dramatic effect to the entrance hall and surrounding areas. This will also help to add some colour and focal points if you have opted for plain paint for your walls.


You can also use mirrors to add a focal point and create an interesting feature in the entrance hall. With many mirror designs available, you can find one that suits the overall appearance and style of your existing decor. This will also help to open up the hallway by making it appear bigger than it actually is.


Enjoy seeing how impressed your visitors are


By following these tips, you can create the perfect hallway. Whether you want dramatic and intriguing or elegant and modern, you will have no problems creating the perfect finish. You can then start looking forward to seeing the impression on the faces of your visitors as they come through the front door and feast their eyes on your stunning decor.


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