How to Create a Classy Cellar Space

vaulted wine cellarBefore we start talking in depths about the versatility of a cellar room, we need to ensure that we all understand the structural importance of the cellar. If you plan on renovating a cellar already in existence, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But, if you are excavating the floor and so on, you must take expert structural advice on how this affects the rest of the building. You will also need planning permission and the final project signed off to ensure that it meets all the current building requirements.


How Can You Utilise Your Cellar Space?

That said, in many homes, the cellar is underutilised. Usually the place where only spiders linger, it is rarely transformed into anything more than a place to dry the washing. Laundry aside, with a few changes here and there, the cellar can become a fantastic space.

But how can you use it? We took a look at some of the best cellar conversions we have seen, from the very elaborate to storage rooms with a difference.


1)  Create a wine cellar

Let’s start with the obvious – a wine cellar. A growing trend in many homes, the natural coolness and dimmer light of the cellar is perfect for storing wine. It allows the flavours to develop whilst keeping it in tip-top condition until you pop the cork.

Take no more than a cursory glance at photo-rich social media sites and you will see loads of ideas for creating wine cellars, large and small.

Better still there are many manufacturers and retailers creating ‘off-the-shelf’ wine racking as well as those that offer bespoke solutions.

Many of these wine cellars boast an industrial style, and for many cellars with internal staircases, there is a need to ensure that the stairs are safe to use. Keep the industrial feel by not overly refining the brickwork and adding a balustrade that is heavy iron in looks.


2) Design a gym

Depending on the size of the basement and your budget, you may want to consider using the space as a home gym.

Your cellar is perfect for a gym because of its coolness! This means less overheating. Modern gyms are often filled with glass and mirrors, so why not bring this feature into your own home? If you have an open staircase, frameless glass balustrades combined with wall to wall mirrors could create the effect of a larger, lighter space.

We have come across some fantastic ideas but surely, when it comes to keeping fit in the comfort of your own cellar, one of the most elaborate ideas we have seen is a home pool. You don’t need acres of space – just the depth – and with a clever piece of kit similar to a ‘wave machine’, you can create your own endless pool in the basement.


3) Entertainment room

The cellar is the perfect space for entertaining. With the right damp proofing, along with fantastic lighting options, the cellar can become a space that is perfect for entertaining family and friends. This is a worthwhile consideration if you regularly hold parties and have people over for dinner.

It’s also a great place to set up a ‘chill out’ room, especially for teenagers. If you can get the wiring done, you can set up a number of game consoles and give your teenager somewhere to escape with their friends without getting in your way.


4) Revamp and Renovate Your Cellar

We think of the cellar as a blank room, but do you know what the cellar was originally used for? In some homes, it was nothing more than an excavated room that could be used for storage. Usually this was in the absence of a garage or outside space.

But in some homes, the cellar was the original kitchen. It was the ‘below stairs’ of the stately home where the master and mistress of the house rarely ventured. As society and attitudes changed, the kitchen became an integral feature of the home and thus the original kitchen cellar was left.

However, you may find that in your cellar there are some stunning features. With an architect’s help, you can transform the cellar back to what it once was. Some homeowners have renovated and restored, using the cellar once again as the primary kitchen.

Why not take a look a closer look at how to transform your cellar?


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