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white exterior balustrade

How Good Balustrades Can Increase the Value of Your Property


The UK housing market is incredibly difficult to navigate. When looking to sell a home, there are a number of essential property upgrades that are required to compete in the market. While the big projects, like changing your kitchen or…

wooden staircase and handrail

5 Ways to Personalise the Handrails in Your Home


Having worked so hard to buy a home, you want it to be your own personal space that tells a story of your tastes and preferences. However, creating a unique space to call your own can be a lot harder…

balustrades in the rain

How to Protect Your Outside Handrails from Weather Damage


The weather in the UK is notoriously unpredictable, especially in the harsh winter months. With barrages of rain, wind, and snow, combined with fluctuating temperatures, protecting your outside handrails can be an uphill struggle. Faced with the unpleasant weather of…

Christmas pine cones and leaves

How to Dress up Your Balustrades Ready for Christmas


There is no better way to welcome in the Christmas season than to get started on decorating your home. As the first lights get strung up, and the ribbon makes its yearly appearance, the Christmas spirit is always very quick…

black balustrade on stairs

Choosing the Right Handrails for Your Business Premises


When it comes to fitting new balustrades in your business premises, you need to consider what kind of handrail you want. When you are looking for the right handrail for your business premises, you should consider which materials and styles…