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Frameless glass balustrades

Supporting glass fabricators and installers with their residential projects

Designing, supplying and installing glass balustrade products for residential installations is a challenging service. Customers demand the highest quality products for their homes, a quick turnaround and a seamless on-site service. Balustrade Components UK is pleased to offer a complete…

Glass Railings

Your guide to achieving compliance and understanding planning permission for glass balustrade projects

There are many considerations for designing and constructing architectural glazing features and glass balustrade projects within buildings. It is a challenging balancing act for installers, fabricators and other glazing professionals to ensure their glass balustrade or glass staircase project is…

Glass balustrades

Expert assistance in the architectural glass balustrades specification process

Here at Balustrade Components UK, we appreciate the technicalities and complexities in specifying architectural glazing products. Achieving compliance to Building Regulations, the adoption of new technology, and working with other stakeholders on intricate projects, all make for a challenging specification…


Everything You Need To Know About Glass Clamps


What are glass clamps? It’s more and more common to see glass balustrades in all kinds of commercial and domestic settings. Along stairs, around balconies, on the edges of decking and around a pool, glass panelled railings are attractive, practical…


7 Maintenance Tips for Your Glass Balustrades


If you have decided to go for the classy finish and futuristic appeal of glass balustrades, you can look forward to creating a dramatic effect. However, you also need to ensure you are familiar with their upkeep and maintenance needs….

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5 Safety Issues to Look Out for When Installing a Balustrade


  If you are looking to install a balustrade at your property, there are a number of key safety issues that you need to be mindful of. By familiarising yourself with these potential issues, you can reduce the risks involved…

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The Benefits of a Statement Balcony in Your Home


When it comes to making your home stand out, one of the ways you can do this is with an internal or external statement balcony. There are many benefits that come with having a beautiful balcony installed. Adding a balcony…