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Frameless glass balustrades

Supporting glass fabricators and installers with their residential projects

Designing, supplying and installing glass balustrade products for residential installations is a challenging service. Customers demand the highest quality products for their homes, a quick turnaround and a seamless on-site service. Balustrade Components UK is pleased to offer a complete…

Frameless glass balustrades

Expert glass hardware for seamless glass balustrade projects


Glass balustrades are an increasingly popular architectural feature within building projects. Up and down the country, they are featuring more and more in new build, renovation and refurbishment projects where glass is used to enhance building interiors and exteriors. Glazing…

Glass balustrade project

Planning the perfect balustrade for your project


Glass balustrading is an extremely popular solution for a range of building applications, for many years now glass balustrading has been seen as the ‘go to’ solution for safe, secure and minimal look screening. In particular, the use of glass…

Glass Railings

Your guide to achieving compliance and understanding planning permission for glass balustrade projects

There are many considerations for designing and constructing architectural glazing features and glass balustrade projects within buildings. It is a challenging balancing act for installers, fabricators and other glazing professionals to ensure their glass balustrade or glass staircase project is…

Glass balustrades

Expert assistance in the architectural glass balustrades specification process

Here at Balustrade Components UK, we appreciate the technicalities and complexities in specifying architectural glazing products. Achieving compliance to Building Regulations, the adoption of new technology, and working with other stakeholders on intricate projects, all make for a challenging specification…