How Balustrades Can Give Your Deck a Whole New Look

Decking is a common feature of many gardens, large and small, and no wonder: versatile and stylish, its creation allows for an uneven or sloping garden to be enjoyed to its full potential. Easy to keep clean and maintain, it makes the ideal platform for garden furniture as well as a safe play area for the kids and a great space for entertaining too.

wooden decking with glass balustrades

It makes sense, to a certain degree, to opt for matching wooden balustrade. It pulls it all together, it looks stylish, it looks…. bland. Dress it up with lights as much as you like, it does not detract from the fact that all this ‘sameness’ – sometimes referred to as matchy-matchy – creates a bland landscape. With nothing to attract the eye, your decking has fallen from extraordinary to just ordinary.


Ring the changes with these great ideas for balustrade decking!


1) Glass Balustrades

Instantly, we feel you roll your eyes, but hear us out because this is not the expensive balustrade that you think it is. Before we deal with the thorny issue of cost, let us examine the pros of glass balustrades;

  • A strong material, glass is impervious to anything the weather can throw at it from lashing winter rain to scorching summer sun (and everything in between)
  • Looks stunning (need we say more?)
  • Glass balustrades are very easy to maintain
  • They complement your decking wonderfully

All of this sounds great but if you think that it will be too expensive, here’s a solution: design it, measure it, plan it and fit it yourself.

We have various guides to help you accurately measure and plan your own balustrade, as well as all the fixings and components you need to create a glass balustrade that is beautiful and stunning, reducing the cost considerably.


2) Metal and wood

Wooden balustrades look great, but they pose quite a few issues. They can be expensive especially if you invest in hardwood but even then, are not necessarily the perfect addition for your decking.

The ‘sameness’ of wooden decking with wooden balustrade can make for a featureless and rather bland structure. If you don’t fancy glass, then why not break the monotony with wood and metal?

The styles and design options are numerous and many, but one design that makes for a fantastic finish are wooden posts securely anchored to the decking with ‘strings’ of wire stretching from one to the other. You can opt for a few lengths of wire per panel (between one post and the next) or opt for several, depending on the look you are going for.

What sets this combination out from others is the minimal, modern yet timeless elegance of the structure. The addition of metal adds an unbeatable shine to your deck that no other material can beat.


3) Metal Balustrades

From the sparkling glint of polished stainless steel to the modern matte finish, to the more traditional, heavily ornate iron railing, there are endless styles and finishes. BUT some metal railings and balustrade for decking can be too heavy to remain securely fixed to decking, so take care when designing and fitting.


Other Ideas

There are also other stylistic options, such as marine rope or chains. But the key issues when deciding on balustrade for decking is that you use a different material other than all wood so that you create a landscape that has variety.

Style is important too, so consider what look you are going for. At the root of all decisions is the budget. Don’t be put off by the supposed cost of glass outdoor balustrades because they are a cost-effective addition, Light, yet robust, glass lasts for a long, long time, withstanding all kinds of weather. It is also not susceptible to pests! Glass brings a hint of class and spaciousness to your garden.


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