Reducing your risk in architectural glass specification with inhouse technical specialists

Architectural glass specification is an ever-changing and complex process. With the increasing adoption of new technology e.g. BIM, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, within construction; as well as increasing workloads and job responsibilities for Architects, Contractors and other construction professionals; means achieving compliance for specifying architectural glass is increasingly challenging.

This is why Balustrade Components UK place a huge focus on project specification assistance. We work closely with all construction professionals in the specification of architectural glass products, acting as an extension of their business.

Paul Startin, Managing Director of Balustrade Components UK, comments,

“From concept to completion, we work with clients on every stage of the specification process. Whether they are looking for guidance on design concepts, material selection, technical guidance on Building Regulations, and much more.

Our team is great here and have a genuine desire to help clients. We offer competent, technically sound advice in a straight forward, down-to-earth way. Our clients always consider us as an extension to their company, as we are always a phone call away and provide assistance that is easy to digest and for them to use in their architectural glazing specifications.”


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How do you reduce your risk in your architectural glass specification?

To start to think about how to reduce risks in project specification, it is important to understand where the risks lie. Where can projects go wrong? How can they go wrong? How do external factors e.g. Building Regulations affect your building project?

Balustrade Components UK considers a three-fold approach to reducing your risk:

  • Understand the initial project brief i.e. does the design and functionality match the stakeholders’ expectations. Also, how does material selection and design implications affect the architectural glazing project?
  • Compliance with Building Regulations – how to ensure compliance
  • The importance of experience and technical capabilities

Understand the initial project brief, material selection and design considerations

This sounds a little obvious, but we have seen it too many times where an outdated copy-and-paste specification has been used, or changes to a specification haven’t been communicated properly through the specification chain.

Listening, communication and transparency are crucial for a successful project specification.  Whether you are working on a glass balustrade, frameless glass staircase or glass juliet balcony, understanding fully the project requirements at the initial stages are key to avoiding risk and any remedial work later down the line.

Balustrade Components UK has developed strong relationships with Architects, Contractors, Housing Developers and other construction professionals. Our technical guidance is offered from the very beginning of an architectural glass specification.

We are able to guide clients on material selection. With in-house manufacturing capabilities, we offer balustrade fixings made from the finest quality, UK sourced, 304 and 316 stainless steel, as well as zinc alloy. In early design concepts, we can design installations using the required hardware e.g. base channels, glass clamps, brackets, handrails, in a way that is unobtrusive and sensitive to the overall aesthetics of the project.

Our range of balustrade fixtures and accessories offer a high structural integrity and material performance. They are extremely durable, offer high impact resistance, fire and heat resistant, and corrosion resistant. We can offer bespoke hardware options which are tailored to your specification, or off-the-shelf items which will still have the same high quality properties and are fit for the purpose intended, but with extremely short lead times.


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How to ensure compliance with Building Regulations

Architectural glass specification projects require extremely detailed technical instructions and project data. This is necessary in every stage of the project specification stage, and is vital that every supplier involved in the project understands and follows the requirements.

This is another remit where Balustrade Components UK assists with clients. Paul Startin comments, “We are considered a one-stop-shop by many clients, for example Architectural Practices. Our thorough knowledge of the relevant Building Regulations, particularly Approved Document K and BS 6180:2011 means we can offer the best architectural glazing solutions for clients.

We are good listeners and fully digest a brief. We then put forward a design proposal solution and because we manufacture the architectural glazing components in-house, we have complete control over the technical, functional and aesthetic qualities needed to achieve compliance with Building Regulations.”

 The importance of experience and technical capabilities

We have over 30 years’ experience in glass fixing accessories and balustrade components and it brings a measured approach to project specification. Our team thrives on problem-solving and offers practical, honest advice in specifying architectural glazing structures.

Balustrade Components UK has worked on challenging and complex architectural glazing projects throughout the UK and the rest of Europe. From concept to completion, we offer high quality balustrade fixings and components, technically sound and competent advice, as well as offering options when it comes to installation.

Family values are core to the operation at Balustrade Components, and our comprehensive experience and technical capabilities will ensure your project runs smoothly, complies with Building Regulations, and is fit for the purpose intended.

Bespoke balustrade fixtures and fittings

Balustrade Components produce an extensive range of structural glass fittings for beautiful glass balustrading – including glass clamps, handrail brackets, standoff point fixings, glass brackets, washer buttons and fixing plates, fasteners and accessories.  Such balustrade fittings are available in two popular finishes – bright polished and satin polished. Balustrade Components is also able to offer bespoke finishes in powder coating, anodising and PVD. We have a wide range of stocked, short-lead time components in our factory which has helped many contractors, installers and housing developers who contact the company with urgent requirements for their project.

For your convenience, if you know which glass fixing products you require for your project you can buy direct from our webshop. Our extensive product range is available to buy and also features an extensive blog for the latest developments, trends and product news.


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