5 Reasons You Should Install Balustrades on Your Patio

The patio is a welcome addition to your garden, a great place on which to entertain, relax and enjoy the garden and all it has to offer. A balustrade can be beneficial, adding a touch of detail that has many benefits.

wooden balustrades on a stone patio

1) Create a Boundary in Your Garden

Any artist or photographer will tell you that for certain elements within the picture or image to stand out, there needs to be a frame. This doesn’t necessarily mean a black border frame but something in the landscape that adds definition.

A patio tends to be on the same level as the lawn area, running seamlessly from the hard surface onto the soft grass. This is fine, in many cases, but it can lead to your garden looking featureless to the eye or as if everything is piled around the edges.

Just like in a photograph, adding a feature like a balustrade to the garden creates a focal point, and that means you are framing the landscape so that your garden and patio look even more appealing.


2) Balustrades Can Be Stylish

There is no doubt that balustrade adds style to your patio. Especially if you create and install a bespoke glass balustrade.

Minimal in appearance, the glass balustrade has many benefits;

  • A glass balustrade does not impede your vision of the garden –when you’re supervising children that are playing, this is welcome news. This is also great when using the garden to entertain.
  • A glass balustrade adds a wow factor – no matter where it is, the minimal appearance and impact of this kind of balustrade, complete with minimal glass brackets and fixings, is ideal. Wrap fairy lights or hand lanterns from it, and the balustrade can become the star of the show.
  • It is timeless and elegant – whether modern or traditional, there is something about glass that adds a sense of decadence to any space, and the patio is no different.

In a nutshell, if you want to add even more style to your patio and outdoor space, a glass balustrade makes an exciting alternative.


3) Zone areas

Similar to adding a boundary to help the eye make sense of the garden space, many homeowners use balustrades as a means of zoning a garden. In this sense, it works really well for defining the patio and what you intend to use it for.

For example, you may decide that the patio is the al fresco dining area and to define this, you use a balustrade to section off your ‘dining area’. Or you may decide that you want the play area of the garden ‘separating’ and again, a balustrade is a great way of doing this.


4) Safety

Traditionally, the patio is the same level as the lawn area of a garden. But, there are times when the humble patio is used to solve the issue of uneven ground and can be slightly raised above – or even below – a lawn or other area of the patio.

Also, when designed and created for you, your patio can also include different levels and heights. This is great for adding detail but a nightmare if you are constantly supervising people, preventing their falling from one level to another!

Safety is essential – you want to enjoy your garden, safe from risks and hazards – thus, the glass balustrade, with its minimally imposing fixings and glass brackets is the perfect safety barrier.


5) Sculpture

Adding definition to a garden is about adding variations in height. This is something that gardeners achieve with a mix of planting solutions. Trees are tall and grandiose, then there are mid-height shrubs and smaller trees, following by climbers and finally, ground covering plants that hide a multitude of sins.

But you can add definition in other ways too, sculptures being one of them. But if you don’t fancy the idea of Grecian ladies dominating your garden, there is another way – and that is the beauty and elegance of a glass balustrade, with its minimally imposing fixings and glass brackets.


And so, you see, there are reasons why balustrades are a great addition to your patio. It adds a safety barrier, should you need one, it adds definition, character, it allows you to zone areas too but more importantly, it adds even more style to your plot.


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