4 Alternative Ways to Use Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are a great addition to any home. Although they are an important safety addition to staircases and balconies, they are also used in other ways.

With glass being such a popular and decadent looking material, it is no surprise that glass balustrades are being increasingly used in alternative ways in and around the home, as well as in commercial settings.

Here we look at we think are the four best alternative ways to use glass balustrades;

#1 – Garden dividers

The garden should be a place of peace and tranquillity, as well as being a safe place for the kids to play, with areas for socialising, BBQing and dining.

For the humble domestic garden, no matter how big or small, there are many pressures on it as a space to as versatile as possible. Sometimes, the only real way of ensuring that everyone gets a fair slice of the garden is to create zones.

Glass balustrades make perfect garden dividers because they zone an area, without cutting off vision.

For example, a sandpit is something that many parents invest in, with kids enjoying hours of play time. But you might not want the sand being swept or trampled all over the garden. You may also want to keep toys and other stuff in one space as well, as the garden can soon look like one big playground – and if you are entertaining or simply wanting to relax and enjoy the summer sun, having toys, sand and so on all over the lawn is no conducive to a restful, tidy space.

Glass balustrades with fixtures and fittings such as standoff point fixings, mean that the garden can be effectively zoned into smaller area, without cutting into it too much.

#2 – Safety barrier around water

More and more British domestic gardens are welcoming water features, from ponds to waterfalls, hot tubs and pools.

And why not? When the sun shines bright and warm, cooling off in the pool is a great idea. However, there is one issue – accidents relating to water, including drowning, are tragedies that you want to avoid.

In other countries, such as Australia, any property with a pool, permanent or otherwise, needs to be securely fenced off to prevent accidental drowning and other accidents. As yet, there are no such legal requirements here in the UK but it makes sense that if you have a pool or hot tub etc., that you take as many steps as possible to prevent tragedy striking.

Glass balustrades could offer you the best solution for preventing accidents near or in water. They can create an effective fence line around ponds and pools, and with a secure matching gate, they make a pleasing looking barrier too.

There is nothing from dressing up your glass balustrade either; what about some delightful solar powered garden lights festooning the glass balustrade?

#3 – Walkway barriers and dividers

In both a domestic and commercial premises, there may be areas through which you want to guide people.

For example, glass balustrades can be seen at commercial premises, forming the barriers and dividers that guide people to certain places. All too often, people can become a little lost if spaces are too open plan and glass balustrades provide the perfect markers to help them find their way.

Glass balustrades are fixed additions to spaces and the glass infill panels can be customised with logos and other important information for your patrons and customers.

They can be frosted glass infills too, a design and finish that can look incredibly chic.

#4 – Sculptural accessories

And finally, we like the idea of glass balustrades being sculptural accessories and additions in a space.

By this we mean that although commonly used as barriers, glass balustrades can also perform the function of looking simply delightful and amazing, without necessarily being a practical addition.

For example, two glass balustrade panels can be used to create an area in a garden that can be sympathetically planted with various shrubs and plants. This creates an area that can be colourful, as well as sensory.

There are also various additions such as standoff point fixings that raise the glass infill from the bed of the structure, creating even more interest and design features.

Glass balustrades are a worthwhile addition to any property. Glass is a material that has the wow factor, especially when it is teamed with shrubs, plants and lights. It can be an effective safety barrier too both in the garden and within the property.

How else can you use balustrades and glass in the garden or home?






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