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Choosing the Best Balustrades for Your Business


What does the interior of your premises say about your business? Your balustrades are often the first feature people notice when they walk into your HQ, but what messages are they and their surroundings conveying? There are many factors that…

18 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For


Your home is a combination of style and function. Or you would like it to be. Interior design trends come and go at such a pace, it can be hard to keep up. It also means that we sometimes make…

room with rustic and modern design features

Modern Vs. Rustic Design


People assume that modern and rustic designs don’t belong together, so which is best? Using the features already in your home, which trend should you follow? And how do you throw out the rulebook? Interior design is similar to fashion…

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Could Your Home be Safer?


People often overlook simple safety features in the home. In this article, we take a look at how people could make their homes safer with big and small changes. More accidents happen in the home than anywhere else, with RoSPA…

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What to Look for When Buying Your First Home


The start of May marks New Homeowners Day, the day that recognises the happiness and challenges of owning your first home. Moving into your own home can be exciting, but it’s easy to forget about what you really need in…