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modern glass conservatory

7 Ideas to Transform Your Home with Glass


Glass adds a whole new dimension to your home. In this blog, we discuss how you can use glass to transform your home, from exterior balconies to internal glass panels, fish tanks and more. Glass is naturally a space enhancing,…

floor mop on wooden floorboards

The Ultimate Spring Home Maintenance Checklist


  It’s time for spring cleaning, and along with that comes a list of maintenance tasks. Don’t miss a job this year – this is your ultimate checklist of what and where to check for obvious problems. Maintain Your Home…

round restaurant dining table with chairs

Top 5 Trendiest Restaurant Design Features


It takes less than a minute to snap a picture and leave a bad online review these days. As a result, restaurants change their interiors to keep up with the ever-changing interior design styles. What top five design features are…

outstretched palm with wire fairy lights

Your Guide to DIY Ambience Lighting


Ambient lighting can be an expensive investment when you go down the route of dimmer switches and changing your light fittings. Creating Easy Ambient Lighting Ambiance is the character or atmosphere of a room or space. It is the feeling…