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stylish dining room with large mirror

7 Ways to Make Your Home Look and Feel More Spacious


If your home is feeling a little cramped, you need these seven ideas to give it the open, spacious feel you crave. Opening Up Your Home From a small room to tricks to give your home the sense of being…

Balustrade components

In-house manufacturing capability and a progressive attitude at the heart of Balustrade Components ethos


Balustrade Components has reported a strengthening demand for bespoke glass hardware solutions, manufactured at their UK factory. The CNC machines provide excellent in-house manufacturing capabilities and skilled engineers at Balustrade Components have been industrious for many years. However the last…

glass balustrade on a white staircase

The Pros of Glass Balustrades


Essential in both the home and commercial building, the balustrade prevents users from falling when there is a change between one level and another. Glass as a material for use in balustrades offers many pros. Here are just ten; 1.   …

exterior of a modern house with frameless glass balustrade balconies

5 Things to Consider Before You Install a Balustrade


The balustrade, in our humble opinion, is an underrated and underutilised structure that, if done right, adds style and detail to an interior room and an outdoor space. If you are considering installing a balustrade, what do you need to…

gold balustrade in a museum

What is a Balustrade and Why Are They So Popular?


The French King had one to separate his bed from the rest of the room. They have been popular with civilisations and cultures for millennia – including Italian palaces from the 15th century. Good enough for kings and queens, is…