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5 Ideas for Timeless Interior Features


Interior design fads come and go but still, in the background of your home, you need timeless, elegant interior features that sit well with any style or trend. But what are they are how can you create them so that…

Balustrade Components expand range of architectural glass components

Balustrade Components expand range of Architectural glass solutions


Balustrade Components, one of the UK’s leading balustrade fixings solutions providers, recently secured exclusive UK distribution of the AMG Frameless Architectural Glass Balustrade Systems.  The AMG Railing solutions complements and expands Balustrade Components existing portfolio of architectural glass hardware solutions….

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How Hotels Can Benefit from Glass Balustrades


The hospitality industry is crowded and competitive. With customers looking for a bargain, maintaining your top spot in your market is an on-going drive for excellence not just in customer service, but in the facilities you offer too. There is…

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Why it’s Important to Maintain Your Balustrades


The balustrade is not just a stylish addition, it is a safety barrier. From the epitome of beauty in the shape of a frameless glass balustrade system to the natural beauty of wood combined with the thrilling sharpness of metal,…

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Refreshing Interior Design Ideas for Your Foyer


If you want new, refreshing design ideas for the entrance hall, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to make the most of the entrance space and take advantage of the staircase in your foyer to create a startling…

Glass staircases for modern interiors

Interior Design Styles and Staircase Trends


2019 is here and it’s going to be a colourful one regarding interior styles and staircase trends! Big brands and designers foresee homes being decorated in more daring colours and bolder brighter materials than preceding years, with the addition of…

Top 36 Interior Design Posts of 2017


Great interior design is hot on everyone’s’ list! Who wouldn’t want to get round to decorating and furnishing their home to make it a stress-free zone which is the envy of everybody who comes to visit! Sometimes, we don’t find…