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wooden balustrades on a stone patio

5 Reasons You Should Install Balustrades on Your Patio


The patio is a welcome addition to your garden, a great place on which to entertain, relax and enjoy the garden and all it has to offer. A balustrade can be beneficial, adding a touch of detail that has many…

wooden decking with glass balustrades

How Balustrades Can Give Your Deck a Whole New Look


Decking is a common feature of many gardens, large and small, and no wonder: versatile and stylish, its creation allows for an uneven or sloping garden to be enjoyed to its full potential. Easy to keep clean and maintain, it…

modern home with glass balustrades

Stylish Safety Features for Your Home


There are many must-have features we all want in our homes. But when you think of safety features, you don’t necessarily think of stylish interior design. How Can You Strike the Balance Between Safety and Style? When it comes to…

vaulted wine cellar

How to Create a Classy Cellar Space


Before we start talking in depths about the versatility of a cellar room, we need to ensure that we all understand the structural importance of the cellar. If you plan on renovating a cellar already in existence, there shouldn’t be…