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glass balustrade

How to choose fittings for your glass balustrade


It is very important if you are fitting glass or stainless-steel balustrades, that you only use the best and safest products to secure them in place. In the home there are often children, who just love to use every part…

balcony balustrade

How to remove unwanted scratches from glass balustrades


                              In the day to day usage of any component in your home, there is the potential for knocks and scratches, particularly if you have lively…

glass staircase

How Glass Balustrades Add Safety to your Staircases


By giving you something to hold onto when walking up and down stairs and providing a barrier between the steps and the ground below, it goes without question that balustrades add safety to a staircase. Being a solid material and…

pool fence

What is the best balustrade or pool fence to use for coastal living?


You live by the coast, lucky you! The fresh sea air might be exhilarating and healthy, but it can also be eroding and damaging too. Erratic weather that contrasts significantly between bright, warm sunshine to storms, torrential rain and high…