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glass canopy

The Best Designs and Placements for Glass Canopies


                                No doubt you will have seen the magnificent glass canopies at shopping centres, entrances to office blocks, hotels, leisure centres, subways, train stations and…

matte stainless steel

Satin or Mirror Finish – What’s the Difference?


A well-designed balustrade is a striking addition to any project. Essential in many cases, a balustrade can be both functional and practical with more than a hint of bespoke design and style. A crucial decision in getting the right finish…

tape measure

Measuring Your Balustrade: Overall Measurement and Centreline Measurement


At Balustrade Components, we supply a range of fixings and components that make building your own glass balustrade easy. Balustrades are the barrier that prevent falls but also give a balcony, staircase or decking a boundary that makes sense to…

glass balustrade

Balustrade Jargon Buster!


If you are thinking of installing a balustrade as part of your project, you will have many questions about how to construct one, design the best one, measuring and so forth. Knowing what the jargon means ensures you understand what…