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Which Balustrade Style is Right for My Project?


Getting the right look to your project is essential. Quite often, getting the right finish depends on the smaller details as much as on the larger, more noticeable aspects.                      …

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How to Mix Your Styles at Home


There are many interior design trends and styles. It can often feel that as we decorate and accessorise our homes that we have to choose one trend or design style. Have you ever thought about mixing styles, to create something…

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How to Improve the Look of Your Office with Glass Balustrades


Your office space is important. A stylish interior helps your employees deliver the productivity and innovation your company needs to grow.                                 Just as important,…

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How to Flood Your House Full of Light


Looking to maximise light across your home but not sure where to start? We have five tried and tested methods of maximising light, making your home seem lighter, brighter and bigger. The Importance of Light in the Home With the…