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How to Choose the Right Type of Balustrade System


Faced with such a vast choice, it can be confusing choosing the right balustrade system. Just when you think you’ve made the final decision, you see another example of a fantastic balustrade, its design, style and material and you feel…

glass staircase

How Much Does a Glass Staircase Cost?


It can seem like an unanswerable question, a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Of course, the final price of a bespoke glass staircases, designed and installed to a customer’s exacting requirements will vary from one…

Juliet Balcony

How a Juliet Balcony Can Enhance Your Bedroom


Easy to install, a Juliet balcony alongside a large window let more light into your bedroom, making it feel bigger. This style of balcony is a delicate addition to the exterior of your home, neither protruding too far from the…