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glass staircase

Why You Need to Install Glass Balustrades


It is, in some ways, an ordinary and familiar material. Glass is everywhere, from the tumbler you sip your gin and tonic from, to the glazing in your windows and doors. But then we see glass in other applications and…


How to Maximise a Small Staircase


There is a saying – great things come in small packages. In most cases this is true but when it comes to staircases, a narrow or small staircase can impede the flow of life and traffic through your home. It…

broken glass

Balustrade Glass Regulations Explained


Wondering what regulations there are that concern the design, installation and use of glass balustrades? Look no further as we have packed them into this handy guide. The technical requirements for balustrades are defined by BS 6180 : 2011 and…

Shopping centre

5 Tips for Specifying the Right Balustrade Systems


A balustrade system designed for a shopping centre. Note the use of ‘modesty’ or opaque glass infills at the far end.   The balustrade is a common sight both in the domestic property and commercial premises. They are used as…