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How to Make Use of External Glass Balustrades


The garden should be a place that is multi-functional. And yet, all too often we feel we cannot use the space to its full potential because there are parts of it that are deemed ‘unsafe’. Rather than not using the…

Which Solar Panel Mounting Brackets Should You Use?


Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. Ever more sophisticated, they can provide a high level of ‘free’ electricity even when the sunshine is not shining. With more home and business owners choosing to mount solar panels…

Dog holding a hose

How to Create a Stylish Garden with Glass Balustrades for Decking


The garden should be a fun and safe place for everyone. For any avid TV viewer, the wonderment of people creating, living and using small spaces gives us hope and inspiration that out garden, no bigger than a postage stamp…

How to Make the Most of Your Balcony


A balcony, no matter how large or small, can feel like a small slice of luxury. A delightful place to sit and unwind after another hectic day, or even eat outside or sink into a fantastic novel, the balcony is…

A Simple Breakdown of Balustrade Fittings


On the surface, a glass balustrade can look complex. When you consider the fragility of glass, too much pressure can cause it to crack and splinter thus, many people assume that getting the right fixings and components is equally as…

A Beginner’s Guide to a Balustrade System


  Balustrade systems are more common than you think. You will come across them day after day in all kinds of situations too, both internally and externally. For many people, they don’t really examine a balustrade system until they need…