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glass balustrade

How to choose the correct balustrade clamps


A balustrade is an essential addition to your balcony or staircase. Any platform at height needs to have some kind of protective barrier to prevent accidental falls and so on. Thus, a balustrade is an obvious solution. However, a balustrade…

frameless glass balustrade

Glass balustrade systems – which one is right for your project?


Glass is a material used in all kinds of structures and projects throughout the home. The reasons are obvious – as a material, it reflects light, making a space appear larger. It also adds the wow factor in so many…

Solar panels on top of lampposts

A beginners guide to solar panel fixing methods


Solar energy is beginning the garner favour with many people. Although investing in the panels along with installation can be expensive, many homeowners and businesses too, are realising that with the advances in technology, solar panels are an investment worth…