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A house which features glass balustrades

“How many glass clamps should I use?”


  Information on the safe fitting and use of glass balustrades Glass balustrades are an increasingly common site in both commercial and domestic settings. It is no surprise when you consider the elegance of glass, and what it can bring…

Four simple tips to maintain glass balustrades


There are all kinds of modifications and improvements we can make to the interior of our home or business premises. As much as we may like the look and idea of something, if it is not practical then it is…

Which handrail bracket should you use for your stairs?


In any design and installation, it is the smallest components that can have the biggest impact on the overall look. You may be wanting a sleek, minimalist look but find that some of those essential fixtures and fixings only come…

Which glass clamp should you use for your balustrade?


Creating a balcony or staircase, whether indoors or out, will need to have some safety feature to prevent people falling from a height. The obvious tried and tested solution is the balustrade. But, like many components, up until recent times…