18 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out For

Your home is a combination of style and function. Or you would like it to be.

Interior design trends come and go at such a pace, it can be hard to keep up. It also means that we sometimes make the mistake of trying to fit the flow of our home with what we are told should be the latest addition to our homes.

This infographic from Balustrade Components takes a fresh look at the design trends coming our way and frankly, you will love them. Rather than fitting your home to trends, these fresh interior design trends will fit your home and lifestyle – and that can only be a good thing.

On-trend ideas for every home

Which metallic accessory will be the must-have for your home this year? Has polished chrome had its day for now?

Is it time to ditch the geometric pattern and opt for pretty florals instead? Which materials and fabrics are the must-have? Will they withstand the rigours of family life and heavy use?

Which fruit (yes, you read that right!) will become the must-have shaped accessory for virtually every room in the house?

An interior design solution for every room

The infographic lists an array of solutions and design trends, many of which translate across the home but with a few essentials for certain rooms in the home.

The bathroom remains a place of function, but which is the must-have colour for this year, and how do you create a sumptuous feel to the smallest but busiest room in the house?

Before you pick up a paintbrush, before you make a decision on your next living room sofa or start to speculate as to which wallpaper would suit the dining room, you need this infographic listing 18 fresh interior design trends for the coming year. Take a look!

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18 Fresh Interior Design Trends


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