RAI Antrium Amsterdam features AMG Frameless Glass Railings

Sustainable Conference and Events Space specifies AMG Frameless Glass Balustrade System


Centrally located within the city of Amsterdam, the RAI Amsterdam Complex is a modern, multi-purpose development that features conference, events and office space. Completed in 2015, the building was designed and constructed as an addition to the RAI Centre, featuring…

Specifying Architectural Glass

The importance of Specification in architectural glazing, and how accuracy is key to compliance


Creating a technically accurate, detailed, and up-to-date glass specification is a critical part of the construction build process. Architectural glazing specification considers not only aesthetic guidelines to create striking glass structures, but also important functional and performance criteria, such as…

Glass Staircases

Elegant Glass Staircases Lighting up Interior Spaces


Glass staircases and frameless balustrades are becoming an increasingly popular option in staircase trends. Glass panels help to create light and airy interior spaces, making even the darkest, narrowest hallways appear bigger and brighter. The light enhancing properties that glass…

AMG Frameless Glass Railings

Enjoy the view – stunning AMG Glass Balustrades maximises light for Sonja Alpine Resort, in the Austrian Alps


Nestled deep within the Austrian Alps, the luxurious Sonja Alpine Resort is a popular hotel for ski enthusiasts across Europe. It is a newly constructed development and it was decided that AMG Frameless Glass Balustrades was the choice of railing,…

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Specifying glass balustrades – what you need to know


Glass balustrades are an increasingly popular feature within modern construction designs. Specifying glass balustrades is possible in two options – frameless glass designs and post systems. These structural glazing elements are used primarily to provide an aesthetically pleasing glass barrier…

modern glass balustrades

Balconies, Decks & Balustrades – What to do to ensure they are safe


Balconies, decks and balustrades are common sights in both domestic homes and gardens, as well as commercial and business settings. There are stringent regulations that relate to height, material, force and weight. All of which are important in ensuring they…

AMG Frameless Glass Railings

Modern, Primary Healthcare Facility Specifies AMG Frameless Glass Railing


The Haga Hospital is the largest hospital in The Hague, Netherlands. As part of a large renovation and new build extension program, the healthcare facility underwent a signification development. Part of this program was choosing a suitable frameless glass balustrade…

Glass Clamps

Complete Glass Balustrade Manufacturing Under One Roof


  Architectural glazing construction projects are larger and more complex than ever before. Even with the early adoption of various new technologies available (e.g. BIM and prefabrication) to smooth the specification process; Specifiers, Architects and Contractors face increasingly challenging workloads….

architects plans to submit for planning permission

Understanding Planning Permission – When Do You Need It?


Planning permissions isn’t always an easy topic to explain and as a result, many people don’t realise that they need it for certain projects. We explain some of the basic terms of planning permission, when you need to gain it…

Glass Railings

Step Inside Balustrade Components – British-made Balustrade Fixings


  Situated on an industrial estate deep in the heart of Cannock is Balustrade Components UK, a unique glass balustrade fixings supplier who also manufacture their own precision engineered balustrade fixings. A forward-thinking, honest and industrious company, Balustrade Components UK’s…