Frameless Glass Railings

Modern, Sustainable Research Institute features frameless glass balustrading by AMG Railing


  Located in Nieuwegein, a city in the Dutch province of Utrecht is the KWR Watercycle Research Institute. Designed by Cepezed Projects b.v. the modern research institute blends effortlessly with its natural surroundings and provides numerous energy savings through its…


Everything You Need To Know About Glass Clamps


What are glass clamps? It’s more and more common to see glass balustrades in all kinds of commercial and domestic settings. Along stairs, around balconies, on the edges of decking and around a pool, glass panelled railings are attractive, practical…

Balustrades prefabrication

Prefabrication and the benefits it brings to balustrade installations


  With the rise of prefabricated balustrade installations within construction and the benefits it brings to build projects, building professionals are now seeing the benefits of assembling balustrade installations in carefully controlled factory conditions rather than the traditional methods of…

Swimming Pool

Pool Safety


When the sun shines, we all want to spend time outside. And the best way to cool off is to enjoy a swim. Splashing about in the local lake with friends, taking a swim in the sea or enjoying a…

When is a Balustrade Required?


What are the legal requirements for balustrades? We take a look at when they need to be in place and what regulations they must meet. We are so accustomed to seeing balustrades are part of the fixtures and fitting in…

Langham Square Balustrades header

AMG Railing frameless glass balustrade system chosen for luxury mixed use development in Langham Square, London


  Located in East Putney, Langham Square is a luxury mixed use development created by Goddard Manton Architects one of London’s leading architects. It’s just a short distance from the River Thames, Wandsworth Park and Putney Heath. Comprising of 104…

Glass Balustrades Header

Balustrades, Balustrades, Balustrades… What to look for when choosing your solution


  Glass Balustrades are a common sight across the UK, the last 15 years has seen a monumental increase in the use of glass balustrade systems, in particular frameless systems that provide maximum views, let light flood through, with minimum…

Experienced balustrading solutions header

In-house manufacturing capability and a progressive attitude at the heart of Balustrade Components ethos


  Balustrade Components has reported a strengthening demand for bespoke glass hardware solutions, manufactured at their UK factory. The CNC machines and skilled engineers at Balustrade Components have been industrious for many years however the last twelve months have seen…

rooftop terraces

How to Make the Most of Your Rooftop Terrace


If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop terrace, now is the time to take full advantage of everything that it offers. In this blog, we take a look at how to get the most of your rooftop terrace…

row of coloured plants in white pots

Could a Neutral Palette Work in Your Home?


Many people think that a neutral palette would ‘wash out’ their home or business, making it feel bland, boring and characterless. But this is far from true and here’s how to make a neutral palette work. It’s a common phrase…