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Summer is on the doorstep. When the sun shines, you want to be out in the garden or, you will want to throw open the windows and welcome in the warmer air.

Soaking up as much sunshine as possible (but safely – always use sunscreen!) is critical to our health. Vitamin D is made in our skin when the warm summer sunshine falls on it and our emotional health perks up a little as well.

The warmth of spring and summer is a welcome respite after the grey dullness of winter. But, there is a problem – your garden needs some care and attention because it too, has suffered at the hands of winter.

But no fear because at Balustrade Components, we have some great ideas for pepping up your garden, ready for the summer days and evenings stretching out before us…

Add a Juliet Balcony

Have your noticed how the glossy pages of gardening and home interior magazines assume that we have acres of garden space to play with?

If you live in a townhouse or an apartment, your outside space may be limited to a small balcony. In some cases, floor to ceiling windows are common and by adding a glass balustrade you can throw open those large windows without worrying about people, children or pets falling out.

Relatively inexpensive, designing a Juliet balcony balustrade is also straightforward. Our team can advise you on the fixings and clamps you need. Although not necessarily structural in the sense there is no platform that needs to withstand weight, you will need the balcony fixing so that it is safe to lean against.

Add a raised decked area

Decking has gained popularity in recent years and no wonder. Wood is easy to work with and requires basic tools and fixings to create a fantastic raised, decked area.

We love decking because it gives a level platform over the lumps and bumps common in many gardens, making the outside space far more useable.

However, any raised area needs a balustrade to prevent falls or to stop people stepping off when the step is far too big.

You could always opt for a wooden balustrade but over time, the wood can be damaged, can rot or warp and that means the structure that is meant to prevent falls weakens – and one large shove or impact could spell disaster.

Glass balustrades are a fantastic addition because glass doesn’t warp or rot, and neither do the metal posts and handrails.

Again, really simple to design and create yourself, glass balustrades make an ideal addition to your garden or outdoor space.

Create separate garden zones

If you are gifted with a fantastic garden you may feel that such a large space is somehow unusable. The vast open lawned area may be great for the kids when they are small but can be uninviting in other ways.

Creating zones is like creating garden rooms where different activities can happen, with glass balustrades not only providing the ‘walls’ but also safety in some respects too.

For example, why not invest in a pizza oven and enjoy cooking outdoors? Or enjoy sizzling bangers on the BBQ knowing that the kids and other people won’t inadvertently fall on the hot coals.

Add interest

Up to know, we have focused on practical applications of glass balustrades to pep up your summer garden.

You have glass balustrades as a Juliet balcony, as a safety barrier on a raised deck area and to create different zones in the garden to encourage your family to use the garden in different ways.

But how about adding glass balustrades as a feature itself?

You may think this an absurd idea but if you have an expanse of space that feels and looks uninteresting add shape, form and contour with a glass balustrade.

At Balustrade Components we have created all kinds of balustrades for many different applications and some of the best have been the addition of glass balustrades as a means of adding form to an outdoor space.

Use the frameless glass balustrade system as a means of adding a boundary or ‘fence’ to a part of the garden that looks stunning and doesn’t detract too much from the beauty of the landscape.

Practical and stylish, the glass balustrade is an affordable addition to your garden this summer – but of course, it will last for many more summer parties to come too.


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